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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Friday, April 24, 2009

Argentina Bahia Blanca

He's off to South America to the Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission.  Josh is to report to the MTC in Provo, Utah, on July 22, 2009.  WOW!!!  Not anywhere we were expecting.

Got to get back to our company and son.  More later.

Signing off for now,
The Mama"

P.S.  Josh's dance partner and friend, Heather, wins the guessing contest.  She guessed Argentina.  Congrats, Heather.  You win a selection of candy bars.


  1. Fantastic! We are way excited for you. We are also very proud of you for your decision to serve the Lord. Let us know when you'll be speaking in church.


  2. So proud of you Josh. Your going to be a great missionary for the Lord. How exciting to get to travel to Argentina and get to live and experience a new culture and language.
    Love Grandma Carol