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Friday, August 28, 2009

Here’s a letter for you all to enjoy.

I thought you might all enjoy reading the email we received today from Elder Wartena. He sounds so happy. We got a few pictures on Monday. He was sporting a cute lava-lava skirt and a wrapped ankle. Guess he is having fun. He is looking just as cute as ever.


Thanks for all the letters family! Missionaries love getting mail!


Well, it's been a big week, so I'm just going to hit the bigger things and mail you all actual letters.


Guess who talked to an apostle this week? Yup, me.


I'll come back to that.


I've been called to be District Leader! Well, it's not official, but yeah, it's exciting. We're going to be the oldest district on Monday, and I'll be hosting new missionaries and wed. It seems too odd, I just met my host, and now I'm going to host.


Elder Scott came and spoke to us at the Tue night devotional, and E. Savage and I were Three-point range from him!!! 5th row, it's a good story how we got there. We both felt like we should go down before the meeting started (we had no idea who it was) so we made our way down about half way and then some seats that were reserved opened up and we ran to get them. Then the music director said "we don't stand for the hymns, we only stand when an Apostle walks in" Yeah, it was AWESOME. Singing called to serve and then we all stand up. His talk was on following the spirit too, so we felt cool. His testimony was the most incredible thing I've ever heard...Also, I'm going to be fine on my mission. He said 2 things specifically. "I would like to exercise a right of an apostle and confer upon you the gift of tongues" "I invoke a blessing of protection according to your obedience, judgement, and sensitivity. As an Apostle I invoke this blessing in the name of Jesus Christ." And since Tuesday it has been much easier to think/listen/speak Spanish. We feel really cool...Especially me! I got to talk into on of the microphones and answer one of his questions he was asking. (he had a few missionaries come to the microphones we have on the floor and talk)


Que mas...?

Teaching in Spanish is going well, we're all getting better. Elder Savage is

getting much better at being confident in the language, we're all very proud of him.


Bad news. The district above us that is leaving for ARG doesn't have their

visas. Nor have any missionaries that have left lately. They are sending them

all stateside until their visas come. So....that's probably what will happen to me. It could be good though! Maybe I'll go to Missouri, Independence, Spanish speaking?


There is an Elder Mcqueen here! That's for Ben and Joe, thought of them.


Ok, thank heaven for R&S grammar. (I know, who would have thought I would ever say that...) A good (or at least basic) background in parts of speech help so

much. We're learning subjunctive, which is an absolutely ridiculous tense, but it makes sense because I know what Independent and Dependent clauses are!!!


So, the Family: A Proclamation to the world is very cool.


Cool thing I learned



Jeru=Nuevo Salem=Cuidad de paz


Technoctitlan=Cuidad del Dios


The temple was great today! We did an endowment session, and I learned alot!

I've been studying about baptism and the millennium, and there is alot of cool

stuff to learn! Reading D&C 76, Moses 6 and 7 (I think it's 7 at least...) Jesus the Christ, Articles of Faith.


I also finished Our Heritage as well. I think I want to learn more about church history. One of our teachers, Hermano Oswald, knows a TON about Church history and stories, and it's amazing. Did you know the church was basically shut down in the late 1800s because of problems with polygamy and the government? All the brethren were in hiding under SLC, and the only real functioning branch of the church was the Primary! The primary kept the Church alive, essentially.


Hmmmm, not much else happened, guess it wasn't that big of a week...

I'll be writing to respond to the letters. Sorry, I don't have enough time to do it here.


Would you like another spiritual/scriptural thing? I feel like I should have one for you. The beginning of Helaman? What are your thought on the first 5 or so chapters?


Well, I'm going to go grab something to eat before laundry and letter time.

I love you all! Have a great week.


Your missionary, brother, son, and full-time servant and representative of the Lord Jesus Christ!


Elder Joshua Duveau Wartena


Hope you enjoyed that. We sure did. Thanks for all your support.

Signing off for now,

The Mama

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