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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Friday, October 16, 2009

Josh is doing well in Tres Arroyos, Argentina. Here are some excerpts from his last
email dated October 12, 2009.
PHEW! Ok, lots to type and all, so bear with me. Apparently it´s a holiday in ARG and we didn´t get an internet cafe place until tonight, so sorry if I forget to say or reply to some things.
This week was really good! We had no investigators (yeah...) But through knocking doors, we now have 7 new investigators!
Augustine--we only taught her once, but have a return appointment this Tuesday. She is a girl who is probably 15ish and was very interested and feeling the spirit.
Familia Moro--Odd, we ended up teaching only the Dad, even though the son was who we originally taught. He was all ready to start reading the entire Book of Mormon for us, but we explained that he didn´t have to do that (but if he wanted to...) We´re excited for this family.
Tayln(spelled wrong, I know it)--Older lady who let us in because we were wet (it rained ALOT this week) She is deaf in one ear, but once she got her hearing aid in, she was happy to listen. She is catholic, but then told us she doesn´t like her religion (most people are catholic, most don´t practice).
Ailyn--Ok, so we had one kind of investigator. We started over though, and haven´t been able to get hold of her. We´re slightly nervous, but we´ll keep trying.
Diana--She is one of three teenagers who yelled at us from the street when we were walking past this little clothes shop. Ended up teaching them and giving them all BOM and return apps at their houses. She was the only one who wanted to listen though, to the point where she was telling her friend Sol to be quite and sit down.
Yeah! We had a full quarter of our zone´s new investigators. We´re also working with several inactive or part-member families. Yeah! Fun stuff, real work starts this week, when we have to keep the investigators, get them to church, find more, etc. Ok, just saying that real quick. We walk alot in our area. Unfortunately, all our investigators are on the far side of town (literally the other side of the train tracks) but my legs feel great!
We had a zone conf. this week. All in Spanish, but I actually got alot of it. After the 4th hour though, my brain was mush. Spanish is good though, I´m learning so much every day and understanding a ton. The ward members are very impressed with how much I can speak, so maybe it´s not as bad as I thought it was.
The ward is great! Well, the Branch pres. is kinda odd, and his family, but apart from that they are all so loving and helpful. I have decided no one can ever say that getting up to bear your testimony is hard in an english ward. Ugh, but it was good though!
So, random comment (these are all random, I´m writing as they come.) I went to the dist. leader zone meeting last night with our dist. leader on divisions (they needed to work in his area, so we split). Ever wondered what urinal stalls would be like without the urinals? Probably not, but they had them in the Necochea bus terminal! Yup, just water dripping down the stall wall into a channel in the floor. Kinda odd...
Thank you so much for the pictures!!!! I´m uploading pictures now online for you to see, I´ll send the link too.
Mom, thank you so much for teaching me how to shop. I have found so many different ways to combine rice, bread, veggies like potatos and carrots, meat, and eating oatmeal and eggs! We´re eating very well, don´t worry. Food is so dirt cheap here. Fruit and veggies like you wouldn´t belieive. I bought 30 eggs the other night for 8 pesos. (About 2 dollars) We even made chimichangas! And the members feed us two lunches a week, so we´re very good.
Haha, today Elder Van Wagenen (who is an awesome guy) insisted (along with me) that we clean the house. 2 hours later...I´ll send pictures next week when I get them! I have a before video, so you´ll be able to see. Elder Wiltbank insisted on the bathroom, while we did the kitchen. Yeah, our house smells so good now.
Ok, we have this awesome chrucho (aka, ghetto) washing machine in our house, I´m going to have to take a picture or something. The weather has been quite horrible until today this week. Lots of rain, and even some hail last night. But today it is nice and warm. I´m already tired of people asking if I´m North American, but everyone seems to be intrigued by my name. "Si, es Hollandes!" Also, they are really into family down here, we get showed pictures of family all the time, and I´m glad I have that little picture of you guys I carry around laminated. You´re a big hit in ARG, btw.
Hmmmm, I´m going to end this one and finish the pictures, I will send more though!
Your Elder,
Elder Joshua Wartena
Here is a link to the pictures he uploaded. Have fun viewing his new area.
Signing off for now,
The Mama

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