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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Day Before Thanksgiving 2009

Haha, choir huh? I'm glad it was fun, but 4 am? Blech. But I'm not a morning person, as you know. Elder Torres learned that one after trying to grab my feet a coule times to wake my up early. ''No toca mis pies...enserio.'' That sounds fun though!
We're doing well, apart from E. Torres being ridiculously sick to his stomach and our Branch Pres being an idiot, but I told that in Dad's email, so for sake of time, I won't repeat. But yeah, the branch is our biggest hinderance, sadly. The other Branch actually gives us more support than our's does.

I will try my card today, I promise, and let you know! There is actually only a Wal-Mart in Bahia, but apparently it is quite good. You can buy Peanut Butter there (one of the things in short supply and not allowed to be shipped due to some disease thing) and many of those good things.

Thanksgiving sounds fun! No worries, we shall have a good Thanksgiving here. I will cook a very large chunk of meat to eat and we will eat it. Logical, no?
But have fun, take pictures, etc! (<-------please, and not the etc.)

We saw UP this morning for our zone activity while in Necochea for pday! Our choich of movies is quite limited (church stuff and certain G movies) but UP was so good! I loved it, if I may say so. Also had quite the ridiculous game of ultimate going on. Hot day, so we all worked up a sweat.
Unfortunately, not much was done this week due to sickness and the conf, so this email is much shorter, I apologize. I did put several more pictures up on photobucket though, so enjoy those! Yeah...
We hopped a train! It was only going about 2 miles an hour, but we did it! I just feel cool saying that, even if it was only to get to the other side.
We sure cooked alot this week too. Learning dishes from Peru, yes Mam. Quite delicious too, if I may say so. Alot of rice, pasta, bread...carbs...yeah.

hmmmm, yeah. That's the week. Seems alot lamer now that I'm looking back and trying to tell you about it. Hopefully next week will be much more exciting! Your snow sounds fun...hehe.
Something I shared with Sadie about the scriptures this week, maybe you'll like it!

sScriptures are amazing. 2 Ne 6-8
Ch. 6 about being someone of the Lord by applying and learning from the scritures. Like...
Ch. 7 It is an individual process we have to go through
Ch. 8 Remembering covenants doesn't hurt either.
Just alot of how when we're going through rough times the Lord is there. He is ALWAYS by our side. The only reason he isn't is WE seperate ourselves (7:1) He always calls us, because we can't overcome without Him. If we are doing what we know we should, we know He is there with us. Which means whatever is going on can't overcome us. We just have to go a certain distance until He will take over. Very helpful and comforting, especially since I'm feeling like I am having so little success in the beginning of my mission. Turns a disheartening feeling into almost a ''fine, I'm going to keep going because I know it's right. But I need your help''

I love you all! Really, it's true! Especially you, Mom. Thanks for everything you all do for me.

Your misisonary
Elder Joshua Wartena

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