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Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 2, 2009—a short update


Alright, I have a full 10 minutes to write you this week. Due to miscommunication, not knowing where people are, lots of walking, and bus schedules, Elder Torres and I have 10 minutes. Yeah...I'm kinda mad about it. I had alot to write to you guys.
Mom, thank you for the email, it was great! Even though I can't respond to everything.
Dad, thank you for the scripture study outline/ideas. They really correspond creppily well with what I'm studying in pers. study.
Chris, do you like Argentina Nation Team or River jerseys better?
I will be writing you all an actual letter about things here and sending it next Pday, so it should get to you by christmas. The big news of this week is that we have 3 baptisms scheduled for the 20 of december. Yay...kind of. I think only one of them is going to be ready. The other 2 are extended family of the screwed up Branch pres.' wife, and it is a bad situation that I do not feel good about. Missionaries have the keys of baptism in their area, and I do not think they should be baptized this soon and with this situation. More about that as it unfolds though.

I love you all!
Thanks again for everything, sorry about the email this week.

Elder Wartena

Josh was attending an area pday and things got cut short. He had to take a 8 hour round trip bus ride to Necochea for the event. I guess it's worth it for the missionaries to spend time together. He sounds much happier these days.

Signing off for now,

The Mama

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