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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This week I shall update on the day it happens--WOW!

Dear Friends and Family,

For Christmas we got to talk with Josh for over 2 hours. It was fantabulous! He sent a package full of letters, coins, and a few presents. Jeff and Chris look totally awesome in their new Argentine soccer jerseys. He is doing quite well, and they had their first two baptisms the Friday before Christmas. Josh is hoping for a transfer in January and to be a trainer in March. He is also starting to dream in Spanish, but I'll let you read about that below.

You'll want to be sure to visit the Flickr account link and see the new pictures of our boy. Most of the new ones are of the missionaries during their 8 hour wait at the Mar del Plata bus station.


Ok, I'm not worrying to much about writing alot, because we talked so much! I also said most everything there.
I love the pictures!

All I have to say, very exciting. Go working out! We have started to do that in the Tres Arroyos house, and it is quite fun for some reason.

I started having dreams in Spanish this week! Definitely weirding me out though, even if it is a good sign.
Our investigators are doing well. Slower week with Christmas, parties, and new year, but good! We are teaching a Jehovah's Witness family, Veronica and Gaston. I actually enjoy it, they ask hard questions and pay attention. Not sure if it's because they are genuinely interested, but they are fun to talk to. Working alot with Blanca's family now, and her daughter Andrea even said the prayer after reading 3 Ne 11 and watchign the testaments!
Yeah, just plugging along. I might be training in march! We have over 20 missionaries dying, and alot of leadership that will need to be filled. Chances are I will be out this transfer, get a comp for one transfer, and then train one of the newbies. I really hope so, that seems like so much fun to me.

I love you Mom, I hope you like the pictures I added this week! Thanks for all the good wishes and the quote. I love quotes, you know...
haha, flyaway! Don't worry, I'm still doing very well.
Thanks again for talking to me so much. I'm praying for you all and love hearing about everything
I love you!
Your missionary son
Elder Joshua Wartena

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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