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Buenos Aires

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

He's been Tranferred!!

Ok, I got the call this afternoon to where I am going.
Drumroll please....
Punta Mogotes...yeah, less than climatic, I know.
It's in Mar Del Plata, and apparently is a very touristic place.
I am with an Elder Palmer, which is kinda cool actually, because he was Elder Wiltbank's last comp. When Elder Torres founds out he said ''you just won the lottery, Palmer, in Mar Del Plata.''
Yeah, our area is very large from what I have heard, but good. I leave tomorrow night around 6 pm. Mostly all packed already, just going to visit a few people, go to church, then head out!
Elder Hatton from the other ward in Tres Arroyos is going to Balcarce Rama 1, and is going to be district leader. hehehehe...So we will be together to travel until MDP.
Another Peruvian is coming to be Elder Torres' comp (and he is not too happy about it) and another Latin to be our dist. leaders'. So Tres Arroyos will have no English speakers!
But yeah, that's the big news, wanted to let you know, and will talk to ya'll wednesday.
Oh, Hay fotos en flickr.

I love you!
Elder Wartena

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  1. Hi, we have a missionary from our ward who recently left the MTC for Bahia Blanca. Can you tell us what it's like down there? His mom is a convert to the church and the idea of missions is pretty new to her and she's concerned about her son, it would be nice to have someone who could tell her more about it.

    I can be emailed at:

    clhosch@asu.edu from Gilbert, AZ