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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Piglet writes again

Dear Mom

I love the song!

Insert here a portion of the email and the song he is referring too:

(Now, you must put yourself into a singing mood for the time being and sing the following to the tune High On the Mountain Top. Just do a syllable per beat and all will be well. : ) )

High on the mountain top
A banner was unfurled
The mother sat and typed a letter to her son.

She typed and typed and typed
Quite early in the morn
Just so he'd have some mail
Not be forlorn.

My favorite teaching moment? I was doing divisions in Santa Monica, and a recent convert asked a question about something he read in Revelation. This guy just has shelves of great philosophers and their books, tons of notebooks full of notes, and is probably one of the smartest people I have ever met. (Very humble conditions though, you would not expct it) He is very very smart, and is just soaking up the gospel. His wife (they just got married) is a member and I think he because converted a few weeks ago from athiesm because of her. He said how he knows it is way important to learn the basics, but he is just learning so fast! He asked a question about something in Revelation though and wanted to know the answer. I never thought all my random knowledge about that stuff would come in handy. The guy is just so cool! He is absorbing the gospel and just devouering (spelling, yeah) the scriptures and gospel principles. But he also wants to know about the other stuff he finds! Just an incredibly smart person who is using his brains to gain this knowledge. We connected well, and he told Elder Pranter to bring me back soon.

Most difficult? Probably the Jehovah's Witnesses who lie to you and switchstuff up about their church. Doesn't help that most of them aren't allowed to talk to you. You have to be at a certain level to talk to a mormon. But last night we were with a less active lady and her boyfriend who is living with her and her two friends (one of whom spoke english so well she just sounded like she was from louisiana. She ended up giving us a ride home from dinner, and we just got to speak English the whole time. It was cool to explain what we do and the church in English!)

gmail shut down and my computer froze for about 10 minutes, so it is even shorter than at first.

Don't worry! All good answers to your list this week.
We had a BBQ with our neighbors this weekend, it was awesome. Even though we ended up spending alot more on meat than we would have liked.
We also went fishing this morning, it was fun.

And now it must needs be that we go to a meeting with the ward, and I have to stop. I have not really responded to everything you have written, but thank you. You are the one link I have to everything that is going on i the family, Mom! (well, Dad of course, but it is different) Thank you so much. I love your emails, they make my week, you have no idea!

I love you so much, Mom!
Your little piglet with a plaque on his pocket.

Elder Joshua Wartena

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