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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The difference a day can make in your life.


Ok, to start off, here is the story of the week.

Many miles have been put in my shoes this week.
But we did find someone, one solitary person.
I felt like we should knock doors one night. This is not something we do often due to the high number of members, references, and ex investigators in the area. But I really just felt like we should. Elder Palmer did not share the sentiment.
Well, it was getting dark and I said that we had 7 minutes left, and that we only had to do one or two more doors and we could go home. Elder Palmer quickly looked around and saw a lady sitting in her doorway with a baby. Well, we contacted her outside the gate, she said no, but that if we wanted we could come back tomorrow when her boyfriend was there. Well, this is not unusual, so we just said thanks and went home.
Well, we went by the next morning and a guy, mid 20s comes out. Shaved head, cigarette, punk looking, yeah, we were going to get regected. Yeah, sure, come on in.
Suprise? Uh, yeah.
Well, turns out he has read the bible several times, likes religion, but not the catholic church or the evangelical that all his family is preaching for and such. He doesn't like how he smokes, and wanted to read the book we had (offered us money, we turned down the easy cash) Elder Palmer spent a good while talking to him, and he wants to have us over for lunch and to answer his questions that he will surely have after reading.

Yeah, jsut plugging along trying to find new people. Ever have the feeling you are supposed to learn patience? Yeah, that's a FUN trip. haha
So, yeah, that is about all that has happened this week sadly. We have a zone conference again tomorrow that should be good. Pres is coming to the house to give us our interviews this time, and to see the house, so we won't have to be in the church as long. As well there will only be three talks, Pres, Sis Detlefsen, and the APs. So it will be much better! (the zone conferences used to be so dang long...)
I am really excited for gen conference though! Feels like we had it about a week ago, which is odd. Elder Blackhorse pointed out that we are coming up on a year mark. Odd.
But I do remember several of those talks! Very very good, I am looking forward to the easter talks. Do you remember Elder Holland's two part talk a few years ago? Amazing, I watched it 2 tranfers ago.
Elder Torres is now a District Leader out in another part of the mission (somewhere by Santa Rosa) Elder Cox is comp. mayor and Elder Jones is assistant to the zone leader out in Tandil. Way weird.
Tell nate that he now has the carga of having my bike all tricked out and awesome by the time I get home. hehehe.
But that is really cool, way to go for what you want to do!
And the scouts, yeah...that is amazing. What happened? I mean, all of a sudden the boys want to get their eagles! That is how good you are, Mom.
OOOO, read Jesus the Christ! So good!!! I have read it twice so far and it is awesome! Be sure to read all the Isaiah prophecies about what would happen to Christ as well. Really cool stuff.
I am still reading the BoM. Just finished the whole Tree of Life stuff, and spent a good half hour in Enos this morning. Really impacted by the calling of a prophet. Maybe because Gen Conf is coming up. But prophets are so amazing!

I like classic yellow peeps.
And will be eating an easter egg and thinking of you all.
Send pictures of the quilt!

The Santa Monica Elders are flipping out about the blog Mom. You just alot of awesome points here.
I like it, ALOT.

And I was wondering where the music was coming from, then realized it was your blog! I like this mary did you know song.

Well, it must needs be that we get to our meeting again. Sorry for the boring week. However, we did cook a whole chicken and eat it today as 4 elders. So that was cool.

Love you all so much. Enjoy easter. Have fun watching conference in pjs! I will be in a suit at a stake center...grrr

Have a greast week!

Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

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