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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Well, I sure did enjoy reading your email this week! Thank you once again for the weekly letters that are just full of random good stuff.

The weather here can't seem to make up it's mind. Today is, literally, perfect. But earlier in the week it was horrible, so I guess that means we are in fall. Hmmm.
Today is actually a holiday (think, memorial day) and we went down to centro with the rest of the district and kinda just walked around and did some fun shopping. I bought my first mate (a big deal, mate is like the national drink. It is a type of tea thing, not sure how to explain it actually, but EVERYONE drinks it, and you use special cups made out of wood, glass, etc.) What is my mate cup? Well, I took the liberty to buy a cup made out the scrotum sac of a bull. Yes, I did.
I also bought a pair of casual shoes, since my tennis shoes are kinda dying from painting, running, etc. What was my choice of shoes? Well, logically, converse all stars. I like them quite a bit. These are some of the benifits of budgeting your money, you have extra at the end of the month. Poor Elder Palmer has no money...hehehe
So, all those meats you listed have so much more meaning to me now. I have seen every single one of them for sale except for the testicles (but I own a testicle as a cup now, so it's ok, although it is impracticle to drink out of, more for decoration) Tongue I hear is very good, and I now that heart, sweetbreads, and tripe are quite tasty. Brains look really nasty, not gonna lie. Not as nasty as the bag of nerves I saw though...
But all in all we really don't eat a ton of weird stuff. ALOT of pasta, and I mean ALOT. But with alot of different sauces and meats, and bread is a given at any meal. Actually part of the cutlery...
You sound really happy! And I am jealous of your spring break. Missionaries get no such luxuries!!!
Ben is in scouts, and getting baptised...this is weird to me. We just had a baptism this weekend! Matias Bartellone! And the family is now back in church. It is very nice to see something like that because of what you did.
Favorite investigator huh? Brisa, without a doubt. Very smart, cute little 12 yr old girl who comes alone every week with her younger sister. She has gone to alot of churches, and just feels better in our's! She will read, pray, and kinda takes the normal questions we ask as ''well, duh!'' She is just very, ''well, that makes sense, yeah.'' Her and her sister Rocio are way cool. We want a baptismal date with them, but at the same time want their parents baptised too. A predicament...prayer anyone?
Everyone is doing well here though. We found a few new people, we'll see how it goes. And a member's husband who is nto a member told us that he wants to change his life and have his family be better and needs the church for that. We agreed and are helping him to do just that. :)
Well, it depends, we usually attend priesthood, but if we have no one in church, we will go out and knock doors and talk to people in the street to find someone. But we go to the gospel principles class for the investigators and recent converts. Sunday school is not for the misionaries...but the other class is was smaller and fun anyway!
Odd random stuff.
Apparently mosquitos here are resistant to cold (from the lips of a member, not making this up!)
I feel that I have made a big step in my spanish by knowing the slang for flip flops and being able to understand the macarena
Hmmm, what else. Man, I feel so boring, my emails are getting shorter! But yeah, just plugging along still! Oh, we do not switch for daylight savings time, nope.
So, Mom, I have a question for you, what are your two favorite pictures of church related stuff, Jesus, etc?
And tell Ben I have a present for him.
Well, until next week! I love you all and am praying for you always. Thanks again for everything.
Love from Argentina
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

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