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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ugh, thank you for such a happy email, it has not been the happiest week here.
Since sunday I have been in bed, with the exception of refusing to yesterday because we had an appt with Richard. I had been having bad headaches that were effectgin my sleep, and we were at our neighbor's when sis. Bartellone brushed my arm and said I had a fever. Well, find out it's a 101 degree fever...so I was ordered to bed and my comp took one of the YM Bartellones out to work. Well, yeah, that is about the story of my life since sun. Full of nights not being able to sleep, trying to nap during the day, and just wanting to bang my head against the wall.
Then for about two days before that it just rained and poured, and no one was home or would answer, and now it turns out that someone in the ward accused Elder Palmer of trying to do stuff with Virginia Fazzorlari (who is married to Fernando) This is of course ridiculous, I am always with him, and were with them alot because half of our progressing investigators are their friends, and so we teach with them and they come with us to contact their friends. Great couple. But, they have been having marital problems (easy to have when you get pregnant twice before turning 20 and don't really have a solid grip on life) and we didn't know. Now, the bishop and the ward mission leader both know and the mission leader has told us that we don't have to worry about anything, that he understands.
The worst part, the only reason that anyone thinks something is because Virginia is 19 yrs old, and very pretty. The other families that we work with (just as much as them) have no problems because they aren't the same.
Well, as well, a year or so ago we were told that something like this happened but that the missionary was alone with a lady for a few minutes and he had to have an emergency transfer.

We're just so excited for sunday.

Would you pray for these people?

Juan and Celia (still great, especially her, she is just eating up all the reading and defending the church and her decision to people)
Martin (still plugging along with teaching)
The Bartellone family
Brisa and Rocio
Patricia (we have another friend of the fazzolaris! She came to the first 2 hours of church, but was sick and couldn't stay for sac. mtg.)

Oh, not to make you nervous or anything, but I guess in the larger buildings in Centro you could feel the earthquake. But, this area has absolutely no lines or plates or anything for...along ways. Much more chance of having an earthquake in UT than here.
There were also a murder down the street this week (maybe the Lord was protecting me by being sick) and one in Santa Monica (the other half of our dist.) Something to do with drugs and money, and family problems. We actually went to an appt. and the lady said she couldn't stay because her friend just got killed and she had to go help. (that was a first hearing that one...)

Just a happy time here in Argentina for the moment. Nothing like migranes, earthquakes, murders, and neighbors getting shot at coming home from work to give you motivation to do better.
Please don't worry though, I am fine.

Oh, address, yeah, the office changed, and there are two addresses for some reason, one for the stake center, and one for the office (but please just send them to the office)

I think you just forgot the bahia blanca part

Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

I actually will be able to go to the temple before I leave! I will be making it just in time.

Well, you all sound busy, and I am glad to hear it. Hopefully next week will be a more exciting email with more stories. Thank you for all the prayers, letters, etc.
I love you so much.

Your son and brother
Elder Joshua Duveau Wartena

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