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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Read the Book of Mormon in two weeks

Here is a fun letter.  It also has a very nice spiritual moment.  Enjoy!

Signing off for now,
The Mama

Haha, we tried to make a cake this week! Well, cinnamon rolls, it failed miserably!!! Probably something to do with substituting ingredients and possibly bad yeast.
So, I love the photos! I used to ride that bus to school every day. Now I ride buses in Argentina almost every day! The difference, a bus here costs about 50 cents...
Well, mirá vos. I was just telling E Palmer about how you guys are doing the house. That's cool! I am excited to come back to a different house.
Jealous of your weather btw, it is very cold here. Or at least getting there. If there is sun and the wind stops blowing, not that bad, but brrrrrr! I am thankful for bringing good clothes.
This week I finished the book of mormon! The mission wanted us to read it in 30 days...I got stuck studying 2 nephi, as usual. So I essentially read it in 2 weeks, half english, half spanish. Now I am going to finish it all in spanish. Really interesting reading it FAST fast. You see how it all works together, how the problem is nearly all the same, and the solution too. It's the same today! While I was reading, I saw Jehovah's Witnesses with the Zoramites, the wards here in the Nephites (not at the Nephites' good times) heard General Conference all over again with Jacob, King Benjamin, and Alma. Was reminded of Pres Deflefsen in Mormon and Moroni, and wanted to write in my journal after Nephi.

It's just so good!

I will tell you a spiritual experience. We were street contacting, not exactly the funnest part of the work, but we needed to find people. After going through the normal I'm too busy, I'm catholic, and the random crazy religious person you always seem to find, we were walking down a street, when we saw a lady a block or so down a cross street and both kept walking. Well, about 5 ft later we both turned around in unison and said, ''Alright!  We'll go talk to her.''  We just knew that we should. I don't know how the spirit always talks to us, or how we respond, or how it sounds. But as a missionary you just KNOW you have to do something. Sometimes it doesn't matter how loud it is outside, you KNOW without any shadow of a doubt that you HAVE to do something.
This happens on probably a daily basis, whether it be studying something, seeing someone, or going somewhere. Something doesn't always happen, but as a missionary I feel like that is the strongest impressions of the Spirit we have on a regular basis.
Oh, this lady is awesome! She said we could walk with her and her 1 yr old to the park (she was pushing a stroller) and talk with her. Then she started asking us questions about the church, what we believed, and we pretty much taught the 1st lesson, gave her a book of mormon, talked about the family, and walked with her to her house too. (it was getting dark, and there were alot of...not good looking people out, we would have walked her home anyway. But, she wants us to come back saturday (she is married too! AGH!!!!) and teach more. She likes how we talked about the family being together forever. Her name is Nancy! WOOHOO!
I think the resting part is the hardest too.
So yeah, that's about all the exciting things that happened this week. I mean, a little dog bit my ankle then ran before we could kick it (no broken skin, no worries) the eye doctor told me my eyes are perfect, but should go to a regular doctor, I walked in the atlantic ocean again today, and we had the Gigli family's friends at church, along with Martin's gma! I will keep you updated as we teach them!. :D
We're still doing well, still happy.
(oh, I am staying here with Palmer until he goes home in 5 weeks. I will be his first and last comp to be with this long. But he says I am his best comp too, so it's ok!)
Thanks for everything Mom, I love you too. Hope this week is great. Enjoy the weather, keep smiling, and give everyone a big hug and kiss for me.
Love you all
Your son and brother
Elder Wartena

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