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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Surprise call. . .shh.

Oh, how I love Josh's Mama in Argentina.  She is great, and a sneak.  She and I share the same birthday.  She dialed up my cell phone on my birthday.  Then when it worked she handed it to Josh and surprised us both with a call.  The 2 minute 6 second call cost 35 minutes on my cell phone--Eeek, but was well worth it.  Enjoy the new email and have a great day.

Signing off for now,
The Mama  (in the USA)

Haha, I will tell you the story.
We were waiting for her (Mama in Argentina's) b-day dinner and she asked, ''You got to call your Mom today, right?'' 

"No, I will in 2 weeks though!"

''That is just horrible, what is her number Elder, I am at least going to send her a message, she deserves that, the wonderful woman. This is me, not you, don't worry.'' 

I gave her your number not thinking there was a chance of a cell phone in a concrete house in Argentina getting to your's in UT. 

''I don't know if that went through, I will try and call her, does she understand spanish?'' 

"Yeah, sure, she understands, go for it."   

I did NOT think this was going to work, actually, no one did. Her son, and 2 of his friends (one male, one female) were there, too, and we were just talking when you answered!!! 

She said, ''Hello,'' and then looked at me and gave me the phone.  ''Talk to your mother elder!''
I thought I heard Dad saying I shouldn't talk to you and realized that it was probably an expensive call, that is why I cut it short!  It was so nice to talk to you. Both girls in the room kept talking about your screaming and how much I was smiling. Elder Palmer thought it was just great too (he called his Mom on her b-day as well to say hi)
Yeah, happy birthday, Mom. Your present is coming home with Elder Palmer, along with Ben's, and Sadie's.
So, I am going to buy about 30, 40 pesos of phone cards here and use that to call, it should be alot cheaper. Don't be suprised if you get another call a few days before to make sure they work and don't eat up the minutes. (the 2 minute call used 7 pesos here!)
Elder Pranter was one of the best missionaries I ever met. Great district leader, he LOVED his mission. To a point that is inspiring. He was NOT going to go before (we kinda knew each other before the mish) He was the lead guitarist in a heavy metal band, was making a TON of money at his job,(hence the NICE car) and several other things. Gave it all up and COMPLETELY changed. He even had hair before...
Story time!
Ok, not much of a story this week. But Nancy came to church! We kinda taught her again in the street (she wasn't there when we went over, but we called and got an appt. for later.) It went well! She likes the church, and her husband and father in law read the BoM too!

Javier and Paola and still good! Javier read and prayed and really liked it! I told you about them right? If I didn't, remind me, I will tell you next week. He then started asking questions about death and stuff. Cue, plan of salvation this week. HAHAHA. If only they were married...
So, I was kinda feeling bad for not having alot of ''success'' awhile ago. (we had divisions with our new dist. leader this week, did not help...ugh. I will tell you about that in a letter, as I am not supposed to share negative stuff over email. Sufficent to say, well Elder Palmer said it. ''We work so much smarter, oh, the whole time I was thinking ''where is Wart? We wouldn't doing this right now!'' I was doing the same thing.)
Because of what the Lord has allowed us to do in this area, we have:
Introduced the gospel to 14 people who have come to church, read, kept commitments, and would be baptised if they were married or older and able to be.
Reactivated one of the best families in the ward nad baptised their son
Helped a new ward missionary program get on it's feet and actually work
And lots of other stuff
I stopped feeling bad for not knocking doors all day long. 
Holy cow, look how the times flies, I should have learned to type faster, you were so right.
I love your spiritual thoughts btw.
I found a new great missionary scripture! D&C 24:8
''and if God be for us, who can be against us?'' (that is in Romans I think...yeah)
Remember the Lord is always with you, Mom, ask to feel his spirit when you are down.
Hugs and kisses from Argentina, I will talk to you soon.
Love you all.
Your missionary son
Elder Joshua Wartena

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