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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After Mother's Day

Our talk with Josh on Mother's Day was just wonderful.  He is doing great.  He has decided he wants to serve a mission with his wife one day because that would have to be the Celestial Kingdom on Earth.  Enjoy the email.

Dear Mom,

Ok, so I will just tell what has happened since sunday.
Not much.
Had a dinner with Javier and Paola again, DELICIOUS chcken thing. Drool...
Also had breakfast that day with a great new couple in the ward who wanted to get to know the missionaries. We're ok with that. Same day we had lunch as canalonies...yeah, we're still pretty full.
But now full enough to turn down a BBQ today! Woot, dist. activity. I will put some pictures up of where we went, what we did, all that good stuff. Having sister missionaries in your district makes activities alot funner. Adds difference.
Oh, para que sepas, sea lions may be the nastiest things I have ever smelled.
Talked with Cato, the hippie guy who likes to learn about different religions and came to church. He loves the book of Alma, and wants to be baptised.
We don't think it is for the right reasons though, he just likes churches. We'll teach him and see where it goes I guess.
Yeah, talking to alot of people in the street, fun stuff.
Weather is about the same here. MASSIVE amounts of humidity and a ton of fog this morning. But still stays pretty cold apart from the middle of the day.
Ok, I have changed my mind.
Bday, letters, nothing else. For this year and next year. You don't need to send me money, nothing, just little stuff like pictures and letters.
Why do I say this? Well, I may have bought a bday present for this year...and next year...yeah.
Yeah, I got a bday present.
Bought it from Elder Palmer, who traded his basketball shoes we wanted to sell and Javier absolutely loved for the jacket that Javier wanted to sell and I loved. So Javier has shoes, I have a jacket, and E Palmer has money.
I will put pictures, but to buy in the states would run you about 250 dollars. I got it for about 70. 

Well, Fernanda is actually the one who suggested calling! We didn't know what to do and she saved us! She says it was a pleasure though, when her son goes on a mission she hopes he has someone to help take care of him there too. :)
Ah, tell Dad not to worry, I won't be able to email him this week either. We have to run to an appointment and got here late because we had to clean up at the house after the BBQ. Just you today I'm afraid. Don't you feel special? I sure do, get an email from my Mom every week.
People all having babies, getting married, what is this!? I am going to come home to a completely new family.
You are going to have to write a book about teenage boys after we are all grown up and gone, Mom. But seriously, that would be a good idea.
Oh, ummm, I have started telling people that I was born in spain and we moved to utah when I was a little kid. This way they don't think I am just a stupid N American who can't speak at all. Amazingly, they don't have problems understanding anything when you say this...placebo effect anyone?
That is something I see in our mission pres, actually. I had never thought of it in that was though. He doesn't say that there has to be a huge change NOW. But rather, you make goals, plans, and work as hard as you can to do the best you can.
Make 48 changes per day!
I really liked that talk too. I even liked the talks that were directed to the ladies, jeez that was a good conference.
I will try to remember to put in your letter with your present how I feel about all that revelation stuff. Not anything profound, but just how I feel when I feel the spirit.
How do you feel when you know the spirit is talking to you, Mom?
Little study for the both of us, we will come back next week with answers, deal? Ok, awesome, thanks.
Well, it must needs be that I run again. Such is the life. Wait all week to write, and then have to rush as fast as you can! Haha.
Thanks for all the love, Mom, I love you guys too. I just like letters every once in awhile from the brothers is all. I like email more, but every couple months a letter from one of the bros or you or Dad unexpected just helps.
Well, keep chuggin' along! We'll keep working hard here in Argentina and keep you updated. You guys are always in our prayers.
Love you all
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Wartena

Happy wishes being sent your way.  Thanks for sticking with us through this mission.  It sure is fun and educational.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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