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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Another week -- actually the beginning of week #44 we figured out today -- another email.  It is amazing how fast this mission is going by.  Enjoy the email.

Hi Mom!
Hey, it rained all night long here too...but we woke up to fog and humidity. But no worries, all is good and beautiful now.
I will give you the quick rundown of the week before anything else.
Had divisions 1.5 times (they forgot the keys and had to come back, that is 1.5) and it went...well. Neither of us like divsions too much, we are too used to teaching with each other
Nancy likes the BoM and the church, but doesn't see why she has to get baptised or why she can't just share catholic with Mormon...back to square one
Javier is giving up drinking, smoking, and swearing! And we haven't even had a commandments lesson yet...just goes to show what a real ''change of heart'' does to a person. He was so proud to tell us too, it was just great. Went over to their house and they were at the table reading the BoM! Needless to say, an excellent lesson on prophets. (aka, spirit and interest were there)
The ward still sucks, that is all.
Not really anything interesting happened, I mean, I broke into Miramar's house with the dist leader after divisions because it was cold, the other companionship had the keys, and I didn't want to just stand outside at 9 pm.
Visited the old Mar del Plata water tower today. Much cooler than it sounds, I will have pictures up hopefully next week.
Went to Caisamar on the other side of Mar del today as well to visit a family from E Palmer's old area. We are sunburned for some reason
After 8 months Elder Cox and I saw each other again! Anticlimactic, yes, but it was cool to have Elder Backhorse, Elder Cox, and Elder Wartena all together again.
Oh, went to another big catholic church and had holy water flicked at me (let's just say that some missionaries are less...respectful haha) it burned.
I think I was put on a dist./zone leader list. I am getting mission newsletters, zone stuff, and dats for everyone in the mission...cool I guess.
The raingutter boats look cool, good job. We were talking about pinewood derbys this week actually.
AGH! You already have the conference edition!!! I am jealous, we don't have it yet. Ah well, I guess patience is a virtue...Last conference was the best one I have ever heard, the church is so true...
Thanks for sharing all that with me, Mom.
Well, 40 weeks huh...wow. One more transfer and 1 year. WOAH! I am turning 20 years old! I just got that weird feeling of realizing stuff like that...woooooah.
I am afraid to report that I am falling victim to the missionary aging effect...your emails become shorter as time goes on. But I'm also in the process of writing letters to send home next week with Elder Palmer (who is still working spectacularly and doing great) So you can hear about the girls who tried to get us to come to the casino/21st birthday party today in centro, the ocean, my camera almost breaking, and all that good stuff in your letter.
But yeah, still just plugging along down here. 2 little engines, weeeee...
Thanks again for the emails every week, I love reading how everybody is doing. Keep doing well, give hugs, enjoy the sun, etc.
I love you all!
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

Every week we look forward to our special time writing and sending emails.  When your child/brother is thousands of miles away you just have to treasure every little moment of communication no matter how it comes.  Happy trails to all.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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