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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time flies

I have discovered if I do something for my kids I actually do it.  For instance, when I am pregnant I exercise, eat wonderfully, go on bedrest, get proper sleep, etc. just for the baby.  I worry about not getting this blog updated each week cause it's for my kid.  Perhaps I should set up all my goals in life with the welfare of one of my kids as part of the deal.  Hmmm.  Food for thought.

Now, while I'm thinking about that, you enjoy the email we received this week.

Hi Mom!
Haha, I remember making that CD! Years ago, woah...so I got 2 letters today from the Weavers! Jacob is 9? Uhhh, when did that happen, I remember the kid being born..
Just a slight what happened to time moment. I have been a missionary for 10 months and my comp for 4.5 of those is going home in a few days.
Mmmmmm, cheescake. Huh, oh, I'm awake. Your package is on it's way too! Well, kinda, it's coming with E Palmer, and he will probably come over about a week after he gets back and heds up to SLC. He is being flown right into St. George, which is nice.
Woah, get Jo a blessing and bed!
Ok, I have to tell you about the lady we found this week. Went over to a member families house to see her before she goes into hip replacement surgery(today) and she tells us that she has a friend that left her church the day before, wants to join our's and wants to hear us. And that she is ready. Now. Well, we go over and teach a first lesson, she starts reading that night and calls her friend with questions. Comes to the activity the next day in the church for Independence day, we teach the plan of salvation that night and it all goes great. She just is perfectly happy to accept and cumplir with any commitments and has no problems. And, she is an english teacher, which is just cool.
She's going to get baptised. That is really the most exciting thing to hàppen teaching wise.
Oh, lie, we taught Brisa and Rocio again after quite a while and we just had an overview of nearly everything. Well, we say once again how she can know the BoM and the church are true by praying and she tells us ''I know it's true'' Oh, really? ''Yeah, I asked God and he told me'' Then little Rocio pops in ''You should ask him too!'' Well, now we have too baptise her, since she gained a testimony and all.
The activity in the church went well. 25 de Mayo revolution that led to the independence day. We all dressed up in clothing that made us all look about 200 years old and had theater acts, stories, all good.
It rained for about 5 days straight before that though. Thick, nasty, humid, warm rain that made everything mud. Blech. Thank heaven for coats.
Pday, E Palmer's last Pday ever. Writing to his family for the last time ever. It's good. Had luch with the zone in an all you can eat place, walked around, played on the beach, took pictures with the ocean and everyone. Guess who got eaten by 2 monster waves on the pier? Yup, E Wartena. It was cold with the wind, and very salty.
Tell Jo thanks for me!
So, the package is coming with a Cd of all the pictures and videos up to this point, so you will have a copy of everything.
Oh my goodness, I thought I understood a little of Isaiah before I came out here. Then I spent a month and a half and 50 pages of study journal in Tres Arroyos on Nephi's quoting.
I have been reading a little of D&C every day, studying lessons and chapters in PMG, and reading John in the NT. D&C always strikes me as one of the oddest books we have. It is almost llike a collection of pat. blessings to the early saints/words of instruction and reproof. I like it alot, very helpful to read from a missionary mindset. I decided I needed a better testimony about the Savior, so I started John, that's all.
PMG is an inspired work. Amazing book, I wish I had read it more before.
So, how do I feel when I feel the Spirit? Honestly, it's kinda weird. I feel like God is slightly pushing me physically in a certain direction and saying ''come on, you know what this is, just do it, I'll take care of it.'' Which gives me 2 options, obey or not. When I obey, ''Good job, I told you so, Elder, look how I can use you to help other people and don't you feel good?'' Not obeying '' (open hand hitting me accross the head mentally) what was that? You knew it was my spirit. Repent and go fix that.''
I'm slowly fetting better and recognizing and obeying immediately.
Well, tell everyone hello for me, and gives hugs all around. I will be sending a big ol video letter to everyone, show you some stuff, etc. But that's pretty much how it is here. Just going along. Thanks again for the emails and the prayers. I love you all so very much.
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena
''And THAT is why the Lord created man...'' 2 Nephi 2:25

Love to all for another week.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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