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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's a lovely day!

Hi Mom!!!
Wow, sounds like a busy week. Which is good, busy is better right? It's great to hear about all the stuff going on. I won't be commenting on all of it, but thank you so much for telling me! I was going to try and make the red white and blue breakfast...but couldn't get blueberries. Oh, well, another day. Maybe next year. Speaking of years, almost half way, WOAH! When did that happen, not sure,
This week was really boring though. Apart from being in bed for 2 days sleeping of a flu some other missionaries brought (my voice is still completely gone from the cold too) it was relatively uneventful. Lots and lots of rain, not much teaching or finding new people. We actually had to drop Liliana, she just wanted to flirt with me and talk about the U.S.
We tried.
Then walking back from her house, we were going down a street and decided that we needed to go a different way. Felt a very...empy feeling. Like that was something evil down the street. Imagine...ok, if Lord of the Rings was real, it was like Sauron was down the road or something.
Thankfully, the Lord likes his missionaries and protects them.
Transfers are friday! I am so excited! We're all pretty sure I am leaving P Mogotes after 6 MONTHS of being here. Not going to lie, I am looking forward to it. I'm hoping to go to Santa Rosa on the other side of the mission out in the Pampa. I would like a little town way out there to just work. The only downside? A 14 bus ride...hmmmm
There will be 2 baptisms almost as soon as I leave. I already told Dad, but the basic story is they are Liliana, and Matias, the guy who has been attending another ward with his friend for a year, has his testimony and wants to be baptised as soon as possible. Thanksfully, he belongs to our ward, and is golden. HAHAHA! Well, who cares who counts the baptism, as long as they make the decision, I'm happy.
Ok, Jo looks ridiculously big. Like...creepily so. But you all look great! Nice to know you are all still you...alright, moving on shall we?
We have what is called a Locro and talent show night this friday. Locro=Gigantic whatever you want to put in it Argentine stew. The are starting to cook it thrusday night to get it all done.
We do things serioudly down here, yup.
Now, talent show, we have...no idea what we are doing, it's a problem. I'll let you know how it was resolved next week.
Things I've learned in P Mogotes (or relearned)
-The ward can help you ALOT, or not...
-The Lord prepares people, and leads them to us
-The sprit will teach you
-Obedience, the key to happiness
-The best missionaries aren't alwasy who you think they are
-Neither are the worst
-It can rain for a continually week, and the streets can be completely flooded away
-LOTS AND LOTS of spanish
-If you forget your own Independence Day, the members will remind and laugh at you
-Time goes by WAY too fast
-God loves his children
All the marshmallows are gone that you sent me. We had a roasting party on the stove with our neighbors and they all thought they were the weirdest things.
Fernanda says muchas gracias for the hot pads. She is so like you, why? Well, she refuses to use them because ''¡No quiero que estén sucios!´´
But yeah, that's about my exciting week here. Thanks again for the spectacular email. I'm glad you're all doing well and taking pictures to send your poor missionary son living in S America. :D Tell everyone hi for me!
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

I ask you, do missionaries really know how happy they make their parents?  I dare say no.  We sure miss him, but are very pleased with his decision to serve the Lord with all he has.  He is a good . . . hmmm?  What should I put here?  Son?  Man?  Boy?  All fit, but I still think of him as my son, so we're going with that one.

May you all have a blessed week full of good food, challenging opportunities, and joy from the Lord.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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