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Friday, July 16, 2010

My son the joker! Ug!!

Hi Mom!
OK, the address where I live has changed! I have been transfered. Now, don't freak out. The mission was changed.
Yeah, the whole mission. I am assuming they didn't tell you so I could just email you on my pday and let you now. My transfer happened to be...well....bigger than anyone thought. The mission in Argentina got shrunk by about 50 missionaries, and I am one of them that had to be moved to another mission.
Now, you're thinking Buenos Aires or something, like I was. But because of my time, something like that, it's actually a bit bigger.
I am in America.
This is not I joke, I am 100% serious. A little town called Viedma just east of San Antonio. I am still spanish speaking, but...yeah. 
No, once again, I'm not joking. I was told friday, and headed out sunday night. Said goodbye to the ward, Fernanda cried and gave me and you a present, and then I went traveling for 2 days, 14 hours. About as long as it took to get down here. I am with Elder Ramirez, from Uruguay, who has been here for 6 whole weeks. (I have more years than he has transfers, how weird is that?!) He is, as we say, fully charged. It's great, I have all the advantages of a latin comp, and he is all ready to work, very obedient, it's good. We get along well so far. IT has been raining since I got here, which is alright, because I have waterproof shoes, haha! Dirt roads everywhere sure are fun.
The accent and spanish is WAY different here. I got so used to the nice Buenos Aires/Mar del accent that this is throwing me off.
3 people from Mar Del are actually here with me, which made traveling alot less...traumatic. All the going away pictures from P Mogotes are on Elder Walker's camera, so he will send them to me one day...hopefully. I will get some pictures up from the trip next week, I don't think I will have time right now, sorry.
Still don't know much about the investigators here, but that will come. Liliana came to church though, and they should have a baptismal date with her by friday. I'm so happy about that.
Holy crap, I guess the scout program got...bigger. That is so great to hear.
ABRAHAM!!!! YES!!!! I am going to write him a letter, yes I Am. Holy cow, when he gets into the field, I will have 7 months left...
I am so proud of Chris.
And Nate looks like a stud (the hair no...haha) The ladies are going to be crowding after him.
Hmmmmm, I do believe that is all that has happened of any excitement.
Oh, wait, I kinda lied. It is all true about the transfer, but...I'm not in TExas. I'm actually in the province of Rio Negro, in the botton of the mission, about 4 hours away from everything else. In a little town called Viedma, right next to another one called San Antonio, and my area...America. Yeah, did I scare you?
:D Love you!
Everything else is true though. The weather is alot better down here. Actually alot like Utah in November, just replace the snow with rain. I really really like it. Sure, it is ALOT poorer than Mar Del, but the people seem absolutely great, and being in a smaller Branch means I Will get to learn again a new way of working. I'm excited to be here for awhile.
Thanks again for the email, it's great to hear about everybody. I'm praying for you all, keep enjoying the warmth.
Love you so much
Your son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

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