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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Presents, a past mission companion, and love from Argentina

Dear Mom
Woah! He stayed a long time. I sure hope so though, we were together 24 hours a day for over 4 months...
He really is alot like Abe isn't he? Great guy, great guy.
I'm glad you like the scripture cover. :D
OK, the money was actually given to me for free. A guy in the ward collects money (Fernando Fazzolari, someone who has helped us so much) And he has tons of old bills and he grabbed a few one day and gave them to E Palmer and I. So your gifts were actually alot cheaper than you thought!
Chantry, that is so WEIRD to read his first name. Glad he's playing soccer though, that is what he was looking forward to.
HAHAHAHA, Ben, you silly goose. I can't believe he got a quad....crap.....So, here's the deal, I may be getting transfered next week, which means it will take me quite a bit longer to get the scriture cover, especially if I am on the other side of the mission. Not difficult, but it will just take a while.
They cost about 25 bucks each for the quad covers. Pretty cheap. I got mine when they were cheaper several months ago, and have used them every day. At least the BoM one, I carry a little bible that is lighter instead of my big study one.
I realized the other day that my english quad hasn't been read in almost 7 months. I read it the other day and the scriptures seemed so odd in english.
You are plenty spiritual Mom. I attribute anything I learned about the scriptures to the devotionals and scripture reading we did as a family.
Gosh, my brothers are all geniuses. That is all I have to say. Are Chris and Nate taller that me yet? I imagine that they are and the thought is kind of making me wonder.
WOAH! 93 degrees? Wow, and it's dry there too! Enjoy that heat, run in the sprinklers, all that jazz.
But, if you want I now know where to get a 2 acre beachside piece of land for 60,000 dollars. 
Thank you for the advice/thoughts. IT couldn't have come at a better time. We had what seemed like a horrible week. Contacted hundreds of people, went through old investigators and passed by them, less actives, and everything just seemed to not want to work out no matter what we did. Frankly it's been feeling like this for the past month.
Then yesterday happened. Liliana calls me. She never got mad or anything! She had bronchitis, couldn't have anyone over, talk, and was in bed for 2 weeks! She wanted to tell us and see if we could pray for her and come give her a blessing! She has still been reading and praying. Well, we are just as happy as can be to go over, and she tells us this. Elders, I've been praying how you taught me to, just say what you want/feel, and I promised God that if/when I get better, I am going to get baptised in the church. This woman has been away from contact with us for almost 3 weeks, had never attended sac. meeting, is going through a legal process because of the death of her father, and has been dead sick. If she is not ''one of the prepared'' I don't think I will ever meet someone like that. Promptly gave her a blessing, promised her health, and that she would help many other people find the blessings of the gospel.
I so want to stay another transfer.
Add to the day, we finally find Luciana in her house to teach her. She hasn't read, but her husband did! And liked it! He comes in and sits down while we were talking about baptism and the church and begins talking to us like there was nothing unusual about 2 N. americans sitting in his house in the middle of fields talking about the church. We have a family home evening with them and the fazzolari family tomorrow. (Fazzolari, 23 and 20 years old, 2 daughters, 5 and 1, almost exactly the same age as this investigator family, it couldn't be more perfect.)
Then we found this guy in the middle of nowhere fixing a fence and he wants us to come over,! Is the brother of Fernando Fazzolari, randomly.
We got chased by dogs onto another road where the only house was a less active family that moved awhile back and no one knew and they need to talk to us.
And some other great stuff happened, we watched to Restoration with Javier and Paola and they are still doing great, I ate horse, it was good. 
Yeah, that's about the highlights of the week, apart from it easing up a bit on the cold, it's actually been quite nice.
And wouldn't you know it, all this good starts happening and transfers are next week.
But yeah, thank you for the thoughts, I think you were inspired.
I got your package! It was awesome, I'm writing a letter, I will include more thanks and hopefully pictures (we entertained ourselves keeping 4 balloons up in the air for quite awhile...for example.)
Thank you so much!
Well, that's the week for ya, pretty good one, ups and downs, all that good stuff. Thanks again for the email, prayers, and being the best family a missionary could have. I love you, Mom, and everyone else of course, but  Mom, you're something special.
Have a great week, can't wait to hear from you.
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

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