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Friday, August 13, 2010

August 11, 2010

Wow, it was a week, let me tell ya.
Most exciting thing, we went over to Ezequiel/Luciana (young couple, he is recently reactivated, she wants to be a member, just turned 18, so they can get married, and they have a little 1 yr old.) We are trying to get them to move their goal date from the end of the year to...well, sooner. They are amazing, and love the gospel. Well, went over to give give a lesson on faith, ETH 12, and what we can do to show our faith (the time before we talked about the blessings of the family, etc.) Well, I ask Eze what he thinks he can do to show his faith, and he kinda gets quiet. Says, Elder, we already did something! We went down to city hall and got a date for Oct 23, we want to do what you  said. We want to be able to go to the temple and get sealed as soon as we can and have Luciana baptised so she can have the holy ghost and everything. We're trying Elder.
I wanted the hug the guy, I was so happy.
Then José, well, he read 2 Ne 31, then talked to us about the parts he liked most and how baptism really is a big deal, then asked about infant baptism, payed clergy, all the right questions, then asked us if we could tell him if a certain book was good to read or not. (I was expecting a Jehovah's witness book or something) He comes out with ''Jesus the Christ''. Yeah, we kinda sat shocked. Apparently the missioneries he lost contact with before gave it to him years ago and he recently found it again in a dresser.
Julio, we are still moving forward waiting for the wedding date/finalization of the papers, etc.
Really the exciting things to happen this week, those 2 things.
Oh, lie, almost died. I will let you know how the story turns out next week though, because part 2 takes place fri.
What else takes place friday? WEll, the group leader of a local evangelical church wants to discuss the existence of intelligence in spirits in the state between death and resurrection (psalms 6) and what exactly is a baptism for the dead as it says in 1 Cor 15. I'm thinking a nice time to teach the plan of salvation?
We have had more encounters with Jehovah's Witnesse/Evanglelists this week, it's been kinda ridiculous to be honest. And like, good ones, not the boring ones who just say, oh, may God bless you. No, people who actually know what they are talking about and want to attack the church. It's frustrating. Passes by about a hundred less actives and ex investigators and we're tired! The whole area is having trouble finding new people who are dispuesto a escuchar. It's ''one of those weeks'' where you work alot alot, then end just sad because no one wants the gospel. But, that is why they invented Gridos ice cream parlor/Pday. Hehehe.
No, it's good, just really trying to find new people. I feel great, just have to be patient. Yes, Mom, I am excersising. I have Elder Palmer's weights that I use daily, and am eating well and taking vitaminas encima.
We have someone in the ward with the last name of Salazar...uh huh.
Ugh, book buying, I had forgotten that horrible part of college. There is the place down by UVU that sells used textbooks, I usually got mine online, but I can't remember the site where I had an account. I remember it was a blue and white web page though...hmmmm. Pioneer books in Provov sometimes has them, and the bulletin boards in the admin. building on campus too. Ebay, amazon books, etc.
Good luck with English, bro. The man is crazy, really good, but crazy.
I would die being a missionary on temple square. I like space in an area. (I think that's why all of my areas have been GIGANTIC!)
But hey, that is about all I can think of to write. We're still doing well here, good and safe. Thanks for the email, nice to know how you all doing. I'm praying for you guys every day, keep smiling!
Love you all
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Josúe Warti

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