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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day in and Day out

So, the email speaks for itself.  

Dear Mom, 
Alright, you wrote alot, but I have a whole half hour to respond, so yeah.
Alright, I will tell you about the new people first.
Jose, ok so he really isn't new. We knocked his door, well, his family's door, he is in his low 20s last tranfer, but were never able to get ahold of him for a lesson. Wow, that's a run on sentence.
But this week we were passing by old investigators and had a strange sese of de ja vu knocking lidia's door. Yup, it was Jose's mom. Cool family, we talked with him about religion, explained the church, and talked about life in general and how the gospel makes it better. Not too interested in being actively religious, but we'll see.
Nancy thinks God placed us in her path to help her find him. That's a good sign. We're going over tomorrow night to teach her the plan of salvation. She's totally getting baptised.
Lucas, the son of a member, the brother of the leader of the evangelical youth group is coming to church this sunday. Because we are going to the ''mutual'' of his brother's church that we were invited to tonight. Should be interesting...
Malivina, an ex investigator who couldn't get baptised even though she loved the book of mormon and was in 2 ne or something. Is trying to get out of her house to move in with family in Bahia Blanca and wants another book of mormon and us to teach her.
Yup, she'll get baptised too.
The weather is grogeous. I'm almost at one year in argentina and am looking forward to the nearly tropical spring.
I left my planner (yes, we have missionary planners) from last transfer, and so can only remember the stuff to write about for the past few days. Oh, yeah, still here with Elder Ramirez. He's kinda bugging me to be honest, but I'll get over it. He's a good guy.
Health is good, I am still taking vitamins daily and working out alot. Really, you want to know about my acne? Well, it doesn't really exist anymore, the tell the truth. Guess I finally got over that. Or maybe the shock of having to use bar soap because you can't buy face soap here just killed my whole face.
I'm excited to see the house! You're all in school, growing up, changing the house, geez, I'm coming back to a different family...
So, you would ask the whole getting robbed question THIS WEEK and make me feel guilty for not telling you. So, go read Dad's email about the drunk who stuck a gun down my shirt.
Hope you enjoy it!
Well, the elder from Tres Arroyos is now out. Tres Arroyos is a completely sister missionary area now.
Oh...family videos...
That's about it, a good week. Well, a whole lot better of a week. Thanks for the email as always, love hearing about you all. Enjoy the summer, or what's left of it. I'm going to go put more pictures up on flickr, enjoy.
Love you all
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

Yeah!  That's it.  Love being a missionary mom.
Signing off for now,
The Mama

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