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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The email to Dad referenced in the 8-25-2010 blog post

I went back over the blog post for Wednesday and I feel something is missing.  So, here I am back to set the record straight.

Josh referred to a gun episode that occurred last week.  I have decided to go ahead and post the email he sent to his dad so you can read the story for yourself.  It scared me, the mom, to pieces.  Here it is for your reading pleasure.

Dear Dad,
Freaking time...1 year ago I was...in the MTC. And my biggest problem was what seemed like an inability to learn spanish. Now I have 11 months left, am going into my 4th transfer with a latin comp and my biggest problem is the eternal salvation of souls in Viedma...
How times change
So, I'm just going to email you a rather interesting story in place of telling you and Mom about investigators.
It goes without saying that Mom does not need to know this happened? Deal? Cool.
We're just walking along down the big road from the ghetto part of our area. A group of drunks is off to the side of the road by some apartment buildings. This is not strange at all...happy hour doesn't really mean anything. They started yelling some stuff at us, once again, not uncommon. Then one of them pulls out a revolver and runs over. First thought, ''Ah, Crap''
Sticks it up against the back of my comp's head at tells him to stop. E. Ramirez didn't even flinch, told the guy we didn't have time, another time we'll come buy. Pretty much told him to buzz off. Something about E. Ramirez being a truck sized Uruguashen made the guy move to the white kid next to him. Well, throws an arm around me puts the gun against my head, and then sticks it down my collar to conveniently rest against my collarbone. ''What you doin? You with God, where you goin?'' Well, I didn't even think about what would be the best thing to do, honestly my mind was kinda stopped. I threw my arm around HIM and just started chattin it up. ''Just walking here man. Walking with you buddy, what you need, bro?'' (I knew there was a good reason for learning all those slang words in spanish!) He liked that, let me go with the assurance that he wouldn't do anything, we were cool and he liked us. I told him I liked him too and he walked away saying he was a child of the devil and repeating himself in a very drunk manner.
Found out today from a member that he got taken away by the police that night after robbing a girl while the cops drove by. They let him go the next day... 
It wasn't scary at all, really. It was more of the ''I have a rock in my shoe'' annoyance.
But yeah, that's the exciting story of the week. The work is getting better (it couldn't really get much worse...) and you can read about it Mom's email.
Jeremiah was a bullfrog just came on in this internet joint...

Thanks for being of proud of me
Love you
Elder Wartena

Once again, that's all folks.  Enjoy life.  Smile often.  Eat dessert first

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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