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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It can get rough out there in the mission.

Josh has come to a point in his mission where he is having a bit of a struggle.  The members are not interested in the church.  The people who live there in Viedma are not interested in the gospel.  He and his companion and the other 4 elders in this part of the mission are very secluded from the rest of the mission and feel kind of "alone out there".  The area is in need of many prayers.

So, to all the family and friends reading this blog, I give a shout out.  If you could please drop Josh a line or two of your love and encouragement I know it would mean the world to him.  He doesn't always have time to email everyone back, but he tells us how much he appreciates all the kind emails that have come his way.  He reads back through them when the times are tough.  He is working hard, obeying the rules, and loving the work.  Do you realize he has been serving for 13 months now?  Wow how time flies when you are on the Lord's errand.

Enough of me for one week, just read his email from today.

Ok, so I already let you know that the computer is not letting me upload pictures, but I will steal my comp's in a minute to do it.
So, rundown of the week/things worth writnig about
1. Maria isn't getting baptised. Please don't ask why, it's still weird to me, and sucks. She thinks God is telling her to not be baptised at the moment, and is still reading all her crazy religious books from years ago, and is crazy. Doesn't help that she thinks we know, well nothing.
2. Jose doesn't want us over anymore. He was just using us to get a free bible.
3. We had the dist. activity! A huge plan of salvation activity. A whole...35 people were there, including the 10 missionaries.
4. Found a ton of new people (ok, like 5) who seem kind of interested. I will keep you updated.
5. Finally did it! we set up a table in the center of town with posters, books, etc, and started preaching as a district to everyone that walked by. Then a band started setting up to play in the plaza and we had to move to another plaza...in front of the giant catholic cathedral. Yeah...that was interesting. Alot of people who walked by crossed themselves after seeing us and would walk away muttering prayers whil looking at the church. A couple who declared themselves to be Athiestic Anti-Christs actually mad weird signs at us and our table, it was a good time! We're thinking about doing it weekly.
6. I made Cafe Rio smothered burritos for the district by hand, tortillas, everything. They were so good.....
7. Yeah...that's about it, a rather exciting/boring week.
What color is the house? Blue? Or did you stick with white?
Well, I am going to try and get those photos up. Keep swimming everyone, thanks for the emails, it's wonderful to hear how you are doing and what's going on. Chris, Nate, Matt, Ben, Jo, keep being good, listen to Mom and Dad, they know what they're talking about. 
I love you all!
Your missionary son and brother 

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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  1. Hi, my name is Dee Jones. I just stumbled onto your blog because I am preparing a blog for my son who just received a call this last week to the this same mission! I am so excited. He is my oldest. I have five boys! Maybe you could shoot me an email and we could chat sometime. My email is deelynjones@me.com. Thanks!