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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dear Mom,

I have decided Gen Authorities are like super heroes. Yup, since last conference Elder Packer has become my favorite apostle. Well, talk wise at least. 
It could be harder, you could be a member in Argentina where the leadership sucks, there are nearly no members, and there are no morals! I'm not supposed to share negative stuff though, so we'll move on.
There are going to be pictures of our baptisms, actually no, we can't access the photos on ER's card for some reason....that's a problem.
Nate is getting braces, cool! 18 months, really? How long did Chris have his?
HAHAHAHAHAHA. I like the plan, my brothers should all be better than me. Each improve one year over the brother before. Talk about competitive...
Bomb, a paycheck...1 year later. Can you, like, pay tithing on that for me? You see, withdrawing dollars here in the amount of 7 would be a headache, then sending it without having it be stolen is unlikely.
She is so happy! I mean, she is just...clear. That makes no sense, but you can tell something big happened.
Malvina probasbly won't be being baptised this week. Her home sisutation is...difficult. She is trying to get out and move to Bahia so she can be free (really weird situation) But is still great.
HAve a date planned for the 25 with Romina, a family member of a member if she gains her testimony. This is what we were instructed to do by the 70 (along with about 100 other things)
People from the Dominican rubplic have a very different accent. Story.
Knocking doors isn't the most effective way to work, but last week I felt like we really needed to do it, that we would find someone that morning. Well, my comp didn't feel the same way and was a pill the whole morning trying to do other things. (it's kinda hard at the moment, I'm looking forward to the next transfer to tell the truth)
Anyway, I knew we needed to knock Moreno, on the right side, and there would be somebody. Well, we knocked like 10 straight blocks to the house and no one let us in. So we go back to a lady who said we could come back later (it wasn't a very convincing ''come back'' but nonetheless) Her son let us in immediately and asked us to talk about religion and the church. ARgentina (the woman's name) had contact with sister missionaries in the D Rupublic years ago but someone was killed or something like that and she lost contact then moved here.
Ka-Ching. Enter us. Uruguayan and N. American teaching a Dominican Republican named argentina in Argentina in the area called America.
Romina and family. We had set a goal to find a family a certain day, and had one more person to go by, a family member of another member. It was getting late, the area was kinda dangerous (the gun incident area) and we were being careful. Well, they let us in, and bring out the BoM telling us how they used to know missionaries and went to churh before, but had to stop. She is great, he openly told us he's lazy and probably won't come.
I'll keep you posted.
Posted, post, mail, keep you posted...I feel like that connection has been made before...
The exciting stories of the week.
From the conference last week.
The trail of your faith is not the thing happening, it is how you choose to react to it. Ether 12:6
HA, the brothers sure have alot of faith in me. Tell them they better write me then! Nah, of course I would take care of them if you both died.
Well, I think I have an email from Chris.  I am going to respond to him before I get off. But thanks again for the email, I love you all.
One last thing, we did service the other day, cleaning up a back yard. The member lady gave us lunch to take home and ''a little gift'' I am now a proud owner of a bottle of agrentine colonge...
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

Another week, another pday, what can I say?  He is serving the Lord and we couldn't be happier.  Please keep praying for his safety.

Signing off for now, 
The Mama

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