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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Dear Mom,

Oh man, you have no idea. Elder Eaton and I were talking about Costco muffins today and we both want a tray now...
So, I spent quite a bit of time on the UVU site looking at sholarships and such, so I have nearly no time this week.
But, I will tell you about the 3 baptisms we are going to have :D

Malvina, ok, I already told her story, the ex investigator who wants to get baptised and can now, she's still good.

Maria (Yup, miracles do happen) Has a date for the 11. WOOT! Sure, it's the anniversary of the World Trade Center, but hey...
Finally had a lesson with her friend (member) Hna Millan. Well, we pretty much did a great lesson on baptism (again) and ended with the commitment. She was about to go off on her usual excuses when Hna Millan (ok, this lady is awesome, but is a new definition for the word ''ditz'' just a few steps behind in the converstaion, which worked well in thsi situation because she didn't see Maria start to go in that direction) interuppts and says ''MARIA! You can get baptised!!!!! When are we doing it? Let's do it the 11th, Elder, can we do that, Maria, you're being baptised the 11th'' Well, this threw Maria off quite a bit (and us too) and she accepted very happily. She has no problmes being baptised, but apparently wanted someone else to make the decision for her right there.

Alberto. Ok, this is such a cheating baptism. He has been a member since 93 (with several years of inactivity) and his son is waiting for his mission call. Well, someone noticed that he is not on any list, has no number, and there is no record ANYWHERE. 
So, he has to be baptised again, and it counts for us. HAHAHAHA. 
First time I've giving all 4 lessons in under 30 minutes. Service this saturday.

So yeah, first few weeks of the transfer, baptism every week, looks pretty good.
And, zone conference (well, area conference with the new area pres.) next week, so traveling up to Bahia! Should be good.
Elder Ramirez is doing well...yeah. We're both fine health wise, might be going to a gym 3 times a week by our house this month, we'll see what happens. 
Ok, I have to go write pres, I love you all, thans for everything!

Your missionary son and brother
Elder Wartena

He is happier.  A baptism has a way of changing a missionary's attitude real fast. 

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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