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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy in the land of Argentina

Dear Mom
Well, I'm just going to say thanks in advance for your letter because I have a whole bunch of stuff to write.
You know how we've felt there was a family for us to find and baptize this week? Well, we found them. After the end of a long rainy day, the last appointment of 9 that had all fallen though (yeah, this was the one) and a nice lady let us in to teach her and her husband. They were glued to us the entire lesson and Elder Christianson cried when we left he was feeling so good. They have never gone to a church and aren't even baptized catholic. Juan Pablo, Marcela, and family.
Maria is definitely worth mentioning. Elder C didn't even introduce us at her door, jsut ''may we come in'' Well,. she let us in. Then I proceeded to feel like Abinadi teaching King Noah and the priests. Ok, she didn't want to kill me or revile against the law of moses, but I felt like I was literally on fire. No phrase there, I would not have been suprised to look at my arms and see flames going. It was without a doubt the coolest teaching experience I have ever had. She told us after that she has never let anyone into her house, but for some reason she did for us that night and loved it. Now we have to get on her athiest daughter's case.
It was pretty dang awesome. Cause, see, after reading a part of chapter 1 in PMG, we decided to pull out moroni and focus on specific spritual gifts that we want to develop. Well, EC is going for gift of tongues and faith, because he is having a time with the language and really wants to excercise faith. I am really trying to improve a gift of teaching wisdom and knowledge. Because, well, I'm teaching alot more now that I am training.
Typing was something I definitely should have worked on more before the mission. Eldedr Aldridge is here typing about 100 words a minute and I think I amy ask him to just type what I dictate.
So, ummm, how would you feel if I went to live in Europe in 2012? Specifically, Spain and Germany?
Knocking lots of doors, and contacting lots of people. like, 340, which is over 100 of what the mission asks us to get.
So, some kids were juggling outside of these appt building the other day, and I just couldn't resist going over to see them. This one kid had clubs and he told me that it would be 2 pesos to see him juggle. So I told him I would do better for free. Which I did. :D
To answer all questions in all emails, because time is a little scrunched at the moment, we have 10 appointments to run to in 3 hours after email....
Elder Christianson may be my favorite comp, ever. Yeah, Elder Palmer is getting a run for his money. This missionary is great! I would like to emulate all of his good qualities, but like I said, time. Just a kid who knows what he's doing and has a great attitidue and enthusiasm about it. Reallly helps me alot and we have a great time working and really just having the spirit like a pair of Alma and Amulek. Oh, yeah, we're really, really humble at the same time.
Paolo couldn't come to church because he had a hangover and then it just went downhill from there until one day we are informed that he has run away to Neuquen with the catholic church....yeah. We're just trying not to think about that one.
But, incoming, Sebastian! He came with a member to dist conference this week and we are going to baptise him. He just doesn't know it yet.
Ok, well, that is time up and we have to run, but there is much that happened this week, we are doing spectacular and I love you all. Thanks again for the emails and letters!
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena  

PS, your answer was great, and Dan Jones was the early missionary who went over to Wales and just tore it up. And the Book of Mormon is...well, an ancient record of the americas...but I think I understood the question wrong.

Friends and Family (which are pretty much the same thing if you ask me),

It's days like this that I really just miss Joshua LOTS.  I miss his stories each day when he gets home.  I miss his, "Mom, want to hear something funny?"  I miss him picking up something to juggle everywhere we go.  I can't tell you how many times I was embarrassed by him picking up some set of items and juggling them in the middle of a store or someone's house.  He loves to put on a show and make people happy.  Today I'd give anything to have him here with me juggling anything in any store (besides glass items).  Well, until he is back with us again I will have to rely on the companionship of you all--and you are such nice companions.  Anyone for lunch out with me?  My treat?

To hear how much fun he is having training and working hard with this new companion is delightful.  He loves being a missionary.  And, after all this time, I can truly say we love having a missionary son.   

The people of Argentina he loves.  They seem to have a hard time hearing the gospel and accepting it.  Many of his investigators have accepted, and then turned completely away a time later.  Perhaps some prayers from us on their behalf are needed.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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