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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New PDay and a new companion all in the same week.

Dear Family and friends,

Well, well, well . . . the missionary got a new PDay, but we didn't know until checking email on Wednesday.  He is busy so he is happy.  Josh never did like to sit still and do nothing.  He made sure to send a picture of the new companion.  Enjoy the letter.

It is true, Pday is now monday again.  And, we now no longer use backpacks, Dan Jones and just a Book of Mormon.  And I am training!!!!! Apart from that, not much has happened of interest. 

Yes, Elder Ramirez is in Mar Del, and alot of last week was waiting for Elder Christianson to get here. But, now he is here with all the energy of a new elder to...well, knock doors introduce us and let me talk.  It's a good time!
But really, this kid is a stud, I already love him to death and we're doing great work.

Speaking of work, Paolo couldn't come to church because...well, he had a hangover. He is doing so great with the Word of Wisdom, but an entire life changed so suddenly is something summamente difficult. We're going over tonight and really just bringing the spirit about the atonement of Jesus Christ. That's what is going to heal him, so we figure it is what he should lean on from the beginning. Makes a whole lot of sense actually...

Luciana and Ezequiel can't get married until jan! It isn't that they don't want to get married or aren't trying, they really can't. He is in the police academy until the end of the year 24 hours a day nearly the entire week, and won't have a job until he graduates. If they get married without his job, they won't be able to recieve the financial support from her parents and will have no way to live. So, they are still getting married and going to the temple, I just might not see it.  Which is ok.

We found a few new people in the couple days we had to work, we'll see if anything happens. One older couple that doesn't know how to read, but I think some other missionaries across the river have the BoM on CD, so we are going to try and get it from them.

What else....the heat is getting to be killer. So nice that we can't use backpacks anymore, keeps the heat down. 
It isn't going to be as hot as last summer though, that was just miserable in Tres Arroyos, here we have the ocean and river real close so it gives a nice constant breeze.  We have family home evening with less actives and investigators nearly every night this week, which is a good feeling. We made so many appointments contacting and knocking doors that we are packed every day. Not exactly a bad thing.
And yeah, that is pretty much everything exciting that has happened since last wednesday. Sorry you didn't know about the change in Pday until...well, today. Don't worry about it, I will just read your email for next week.
But, I hope you are all still doing well, having fun, and all that jazz. Here is a picure of me and my kid Elder Christianson. Put it up on the blog?
I love you!
Your missionary son and brother,
Elder Joshua Wartena

We are getting a package together to send for Christmas.  If anyone has good suggestions for a Deet product to send please let me know.  Also, we would love ideas for items to put in the package to send.  It will be summer in Argentina on Christmas day.  It will be HOT.  He has requested that we try to keep packages small because he has to pay 1/2 of whatever it costs us to send it to him when he receives it down there.  For example, if it costs you $30.00 to send the package, he has to pay $15.00 to receive it.  We try to keep enough money in the account to cover the shipping costs.  If anyone was planning to send him a package consider putting it together with what we are sending and we can cut down on the shipping and receiving costs.  

Josh has said that the thing he wants to most from all of us is emails, physical letters, and sharing the gospel with less actives in our own neighborhoods.  Just like a missionary--but so appropriate.  When you think about it, what are the things that bring the truest happiness?  In the end it will be our relationships with others and our service and sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ that last through eternity and bring us true joy.  May this Christmas be a time for the things that matter most.

Hope you all have as wonderful a day as we are.  We just love hearing from our missionary.  It really is exciting to be a part of spreading the gospel around the world one soul at a time.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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