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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
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Buenos Aires

Monday, November 15, 2010

New assignment

We're having a guessing game and a reading challenge.  Read on to get the information.

Dear Mother
Well, it has been an interesting week. First ofall, there isa certain key on this keyboard that is broken. We will see if you figureoutwhich one it isby the end of the email.
Trip backfrom Bahia was uneventful, then we did divisions with theothermissionaries i n Viedma so that Elder Thomson could work. You see, elder Risenhoover isn't able to walk, so we took turns being i nthe house with him so that his comp could get out for a while.
Sebastion is being very difficualt to find
But, we are getting Eduardo, Rueben and Julio married to their member spouses so that they will be able to get baptised.
It's a pretty good time.
As well asJorgelina. She recieved thelessons awhileago, but we ''refound'' her and we are trying tog et her in thefontas well. She will be going in for surgery on her spine soon adnd wants to be baptised before the procedure. Time is the problem.
That isthe exciting news in thearea, other new people, but we'll see what happens.
Nearly all thepeople we ahve are from the members. I heard astatistic that only 1to 2 percent of tracted investigators actually reach baptism. I think that lack of being able to really anchor people in the ward is a huge factor oin the ''fizzling out'' When the ward is struggling, it is hard to throw extra people in and excpect a huge support and effort. As a result, we have many less actives to work with, and part member families. It works out though, because the ward gets stronger, and the mission wrok progresses at the same time. However, once again, the time is the real problem. One of the reasons Pres is having missionaries stay in areas for 4 transfers as much as possible.
Yeah, I'm here for a 4th transfer, but I was made dist leader of Viedma (which is 4 hours away from the zone...crazynezz)
Honestly kinda stressing about it, but it should be fun. I'm going out to San Antonio Oeste this week for divisions.
Answer to your question. We have a house heated by natural gas, as is the water heater, fridge, and stove. But a few things
1) It's about 100000000 degrees, so we don't use the heater
2) One of the enforced laws is to have gas escape things in the walls so you don't die
3) The mission supplies carbon monoxide alarms
4) The kitchen still doesn't have a window. It has bars though, so a good breeze is prevelent most of the day.
That is why I stopped taking my camera to zone conferences,. In the leadership conference 5 cameras were stolen and they are trying to find out who did it.
I took personal money out to fix my shoes today. I have a pair that is my main working pair and another that I keep nicer. My foot came out the bottom last week in the first pair and they are sitting in a Zapataria being fixed as we speak.
We had an asado for pday to celebrate thanksgiving. But I Think EC and I are going to buy a chicken like Dad said and have dinner on the actual day.
Thanks forthe animo, Mom, I'm havinga great time here in Viedma. I love my mission, wouldn't tade it for the world.
Thanks agagin for the emails, and everything else you do for me. I love you, Mom, and the wholefamily. HI!
Sorry for a shorter email week, have a great semana and I will talk to you next pday!
your missionary son and brother
ELder Joshua WArtena
Study hmework: Alma's admonitions to his sons, Heleman, Shiblon, andCoriantumr. Compare them with Lehi's blessing to his sons in 2 Ne 1-3
This applies to everyone who reads this email :D Chau!

Did you figure out which key on the keyboard was broken?  Post your guesses and I'll let you know next week if you were correct.  Also, anyone who does the homework study and posts their experience with it will get something from me.  Have a grand week.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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