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Monday, November 29, 2010

Time for the missionary update

Dear Mom
It was when I read about trees of lime that I remembered that poem. To quote an MTC teacher talking about journals
I think one reason we keep journals is to look back and see how stupid we were and be glad we moved on.
Thank heaven sometimes it's nice to read and laugh at journals.
Wow, I am impressed by the improv talk Mom, yes I am.
Baptisms! Well, Jorgelina was baptised this week, Camila and Alexander next week, and Veronica with her husband Fransisco the following week. Camila and Alexander are two grandchildren of a menos activo that ran out of her house calling us in as we walked by. ''Elders! God sent you to my house!'' We weren't overly suprised by this statement. She was thinking about coming back to church after years and we happened to walked by. Well, her grandchildren came back with her and are not baptised. They are saying their prayers every night and Camila reads every chapter along with the folletos we give her (she's 11 and he is 8)
Veronica and Fransisco are the older couple we found through the members (great uncle and aunt) and they love us. :D We love them too. They both keep going on about how much better their life has gotten since they started haveing the lessons (home, fighting, health, etc) and are as Elder Christiansen said ''the bells of the ball) whether the come to church, a baptism, or an activity.
And Jorgelina got baptised! 

We ended up making no smoking signs and putting them in her house to help her. It always suprised me the change in countenance of a person after their baptism and confirmation. I am sending the picture.
We finally got Claudio and his wife interested in having us over for lessons. (Claudio=the dog guy) We had not gone over in quite a while and decided that it would be productive to see how they were doing. Had some questions about the BOM and what happens after death. Yup
Rueben is getting a marriage date today down in Centro and Eduardo is finishing his divorce papers. I'm praying and hoping for a december date.
Speaking of december, it's getting ridiculously hot down here. Argentina weather is more sporadic than Utah, we have hail the size of...hmmm....the size of....large rock salt...in the afternoon after a 100% day. Fun times here.
The first week in several that I haven't traveled, it feels nice.
So, I miss playing the violin. We were visiting a member and he asked if I knew (just by chance) how to tune a violin. He bought a student instrument to learn how to play and wanted some help.
I was sick on thanksgiving! Food poisoning, it was horrible. But, that is what severely uncooked meat will do to you (I didn't realize in the moment, I promise) 
Would you send me a copy of the conference edition of the ensign in the xmas package, if you haven't sent it already?
That's a really cool thought Mom. Makes sense, if you look at Ether 12:6, faith is the HOPE of things which are not seen. We had to have faith that this world would be what Heavenly Father said it would, we had to have faith taht we could get back through Jesus Christ. It wasn't a lack of belief on either of them, we had a perfect knowledge of their existence, we had to have faith on what they said. Another reason maybe we we can't remember from before? We have to grow in faith here, if we started with that part of a perfect knowledge it would kinda frustrate the plan.
Little scriptural thought for the week, it really isn't very deep or anything though. We always read about Alma's son Coriantumr, and how afterward all of Alma's sons went out and preached again, but what happened to Cori exactly? Why have I never seen Alma 49:30 before? It was just a good feeling to see how the missionary got back up.
I started reading the war chapters in Alma (finally, hahaha) and Jesus the Christ again.
Took naps today after taking a couple hours to make huge burritos. Slept like a rock.
Pictures on flickr.
The ward is doing well, Damian Hernandez (kid waiting for his mission call) was made Ward Mission Leader, so that will be good. It'll help him alot for his mission as well. About 35 people in the ward. It's nice to see a ward with a large part made up of your investigadors and families you helped come back. I teach Gospel Principles right? Well, this week was about temple work, and one investigador got slightly upset abou tthe fact that some people were just sitting up there waiting for their work do get done after they had accepted to gospel being preached to them. She thought that would be horrible to have to just sit waiting for someone down here to do it, what if no one knew who you were and there was no record? You would have to wait until the millenium!
It was a pretty good observation to say the least.
So, is the new family search just amazing?!?! We had a slight intro on it in Priesthood and it looked way good, alot better than the old system.
Anyways, that's about the extent of my week, thank you so much for the email Mom, glad to know you guys are doing well in the snow. Usher in December with something fun, make a huge snowman? Or just a huge snowball, always seemed to be what we ended up doing. I love you! Tell all the brothers and family I love them too. And have a great week!
Your missionary son
Elder Joshua Wartena

What do you all think?  Take a look at his pictures.  I think he looks thinner.  The hard work and the stress do it to him every time.
Have a great week.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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