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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Monday, November 8, 2010

Travels galore.

Dear Mom and Dad
I will tell you why you are getting an email late, it is a good story.
I am in Bahia Blanca. Well, that is the story.
No, kidding, here is what happened.
So, our dist leader Elder Thomson had to come up here for a leadershi`p conference today and since the last leadership thing had the trainers in it, we thought I had to come too. One of the assistants told us that was probably how it was too. Well, I thought he had called to double check when I went to get the tickets yesterday, and we bought two. There was no call made.
So, about an hour away from Bahia we get a call from the zone leaders telling us that I actually didn0t need to be there. I was quite upset. But, we stayed with elder sands that night and looked forward to spending pday in a conference. 
The missionaries training in the transfer that is coming up and all the current leaders were there. I was the only one out of place. No big deal though.
Well, One of the assistants tells me later that he was glad I made it up. So I am quite confused at this poitn ''wasn't I not supposed to be here?'' ''No, Pres told us the other day (meaning the assistants) I want Elder Wartena to be here for the leadership conference...''
So, I was supposed to be there, even though we all thought I wasn't. Yeah...I think transfers are going to be interesting fri...
Apart from that, it was actually the second time we came to Bahia this week. We ahd our zone conference on saturday, so fri was traveling. 
Conference=awesome. Both of them.I would tell you more about it, but we have to go get a bus, so this is actually the only email I will be able to write, and it won't be very long. But hey, Chris, thanks for writing me such a long letter. I am going to be writing a response on the bus ride home. :D
The week went well though, we had 10 member present lessons in spite on conference.
The family (Natalia and Juan Pablo) are having problems with us coming over. He really doesn't have interest, even though she does, and it is getting impossible to find them home. We'll get them though.
Sebastian still going. :D
Eduardo, the husband of the member lady who is reactivating, is still amazing. Reading and praying. aCtually called me in Bahia to reshcedule our appointment tonight, but he is still keeping commitments. 
A member couple brought 2 young ladies to church, friends of their son (one is a girlfriend of a friend or something like that) ANd in the lesson (princliples of the gospel, which I teach) I knew I had to tie it into the restoration. Teaching about how families can be together forever, went into the restoration of said priesthood power, and from there explained about Jose Smith. One of the girls was was into reading for the class, and started crying and smiling during the jose smith story. She wants us to come over and teach her. :D:D:D:D:D

Elder Christianson and I ate pig brain a few nights ago. We were having a bbq with the dog guy, and he pulled a pig head out of the fridge for us to eat (yum....) you just cut parts off the head, and eat it. It's like french fries. 
Well, he pulls out a big knife, says just a second, them cuts the head in half. It looked really cool, like an anatomy book or something, and you just stuck your fork into the side of the brain, pulls some out, and ate it.
Pig brain, and pig ear, are probably the nastiest things I have ever eaten.
Blood sausage is up there though...nasty.
Oh, we also found an ex investigator who is getting baptised now. She is the sister of a member, and knows it is true, is reading the BoM, and wants to get baptised before her spine operation. We will know the date of the operation tomorrow, wish us luck!
And the other husband of the other less active we reactivated, is still good, and is progressing to baptism. (next transfer, like...5 people are already lined up and ready..it's kinda cool)
I had something else to say, but just forgot it.
So, in case you haven't noticed, I really haven't responded to anything you wrote me, sorry. 
Oh, we had about 40 people in church sunday, and last week there were 52. Big change from my first week here having 20 max.
Christmas? I would love a few cool ties actually, I'm still good on the stickies you sent me in the MTC! And everything else you can really get here. But it's nice to have ties from home...
The wal mart (well, it's like an off brand wal mart that wal mart put in Viedma) had Peanut Butter! So, we had PB and J. It was great.

But hey, I have to run to go catch a bus. Thanks again for everything, I love you all, sorry for the past few weeks not being the best email wise, I will improve. 

Your missionary here in Argentina
Elder Joshua Wartena

Happy week to all of you.  May your travels be safe and happy.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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