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Monday, December 13, 2010

4 Baptisms in One Week

Dear Mom,   :D

So, I'm not going to write everything these next 2 weeks, that way I can tell you the exciting stuff that has happened recently over the phone and not have it be, 'Oh, we already knew that...''

But, we had 4 baptisms this week.  Here are the pictures!

It was great, the kids were all excited to be baptised, especially since they were going out to Mar del the next day and will be confirmed this week.
The older couple (ok, they are...really old, and really small, we were afraid of breaking them...) was baptised with both of us in the font. Elder C lifted and I spotted, it was fun. Francisco was so short that he just sat down and went right under. Victoriana was nervous about going under and floated, so EC put his hand on top of her head and dunked her!
Yeah, it was cool.
Sunday was great as well. My class, Principles of the Gospel, was the largest class! Hahahaha, it was fun, all of us in a tiny room. Taught about the scriptures, then explained how we need to look at the scriptures more as one tool and as the word of God than as just The Bible and The Book of Mormon. Showed how both books support each other and teach us about Christ. No one knew that the Bible mentioned the Book of Mormon, and the wife of an investigator didn't take to well to the idea...nor to the video about the miracle of the Bom, how incredible the BoM is and all that.
Oh well.
But, good news!
Ok, remind me to tell you about Eduardo's quitting smoking story, it is quite remarkable and impressive. The man is studying like a fanatic and loving every bit of it. Stoked to get baptised sat, with a full week free of cigarettes. Reuben as well, he and Hna Requilme are getting married thsi fri and her will be baptised sat!
Carlos as well, but it is not sure yet. He was brought to church by a friend and loves it, wants to continue, and is studying. The odd part, he hasn't recieved a full lesson from us yet in his house. He leaves up to a small city in Buenos Aires on sunday, adn we want to baptise him before he leaves, aka, this week. Being gone for 7 months will be easier with the holy ghost, especially as he is very receptive to it. God prepares people,. our responsibility is to teach and baptise them.
Oh, a brother a a member will be baptised next tue as well, I forgot to mention that. He is a widower of 2 years and has been staying with his brother. Think...meek, that is a good explaination. Just like a sponge ready to soak up living water.
The daughter of hna REquilme is out of the hospital, which is definitely a good think. The baby was born with liquid in his lungs and was in ICU for 2 days. But, a beautiful baby bot is home now. And his mother is now starting to come back to church. Scared into humilty? Yes.
Oh, yes, next wednesday I will be in Bahía Blanca. WHy do you ask? Well, it's another one on those super Pdays. I literally am expecting someone to tell me that it's a joke and we're only in April, not December...
The hot water in the font wasn't warm enough, so we were boiling pots of water on the sink to help. We ended up having to leave, so we prayed that the cold water would miraculously be warm with the 1 hour of hot water going into it. (you see, the older couple couldn't handle a cold baptism)
It was toasty warm. Small miracles
Yoru Christmas package is off as well! I hope it gets there by Christmas. Sorry there are no letters this year, but we've been busy the last week. Enjoy!
The new elder from el Salvador is doing well, good kid. As is my companion, he's pretty happy at the moment, we're having a good time.

Thanks for all the info! I'm stoked to hear about Stuart. Good luck in the musical number.
I will try to accompany you in the BoM read.
Want to see if we can finish it before I get back? That gives you 7 months.
I'll race you!
Calling here? Would it work to call after you wake up and open stuff? Probably, how about 10:30 ish MT? That would be 2:30 here.
The Christiansens will be calling you this week
Well, that was the exciting week down here in Viedma, enjoy the library and say hi to everyone on my part. I love you all and will talk to you next week! Enjoy your semana, and IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!

Love you all!
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

It's good to be a missionary mom.  I love P-days.  I love this son.  Happy days to you.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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