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Monday, January 10, 2011

GEEZ! Why does everyone choose to write me the same freaking week! Not that I'm complaining, but the responses will be shorter. Another future elder emailed me for info...
Ok, another thought on the whole Lehi dwelt in a tent thing that E Blackhorse shared with me about a year ago. Kinda the exact same thing. But really think about how Lehi huimbled himself. He's living, in a TENT! Ever LIVED in a tent? That whould suck, really. Although it makes me laugh how the first thing Nefi says when they get to the promised land is that they pitched their tents. 
10 pages a day and you will finish the standard works in 6 months, part in spanish, part in english. That's my new challenge, wish me luck. 
I taught E Guevara the whole tribe thing for comp study yesterday? Thank you so much for the rest of the thoughts. I starteed cross referencing my pat blessing with scriptures and found one a really liked, let me find it.
Ok, couldn't find it, I'll get it to you nexct week, because it's perfect. Here are some others though
1 ne 22:8
1 ne 14:7

It's interesting as weel to look for all the gentiles shall be nursing fathers and mothers in isaiah/ne I recommend it.
Another one of these, what do you think about the tree of life story? Anything really. 
And what did the other pointer in the Liahona point to? Not that it matters. 1 ne 16:10
Btw, the new search on lds.org is awesome. Did they hire google or something?

In the meantime, here's a cool story for you. We are looking for an old investigator, and his brother answered the door. Well, the spirit said that we should teach him, so I just said ''would YOU have time now?'' While walking in. Literally just starting walking in the house with faith. Well, he pretty much throws the plates off the table and sits down. Franco has no religious background (not even sure that he was baptised catholic) and was enthused about the idea of asking for things in prayer. His buddy Hugo (who we...persuaded to join the lesson) wasn't that excited. Pray for him! He has a bpatismal date for february.
Jesica and Walter don't want to get married. They are really like 12 year olds mentally and it's kind of a struggle, ok, really a struggle. But Marcelino is still doing well! He teaches us alot when we go over to his house, great guy. We knocked a door and the lady wondered if we took donations for the poor becaue her daughter had an extra matress, odd? Yeah, but Marcelino told us to get in his truck later that day and we went and got the mattress. It's now in our house.
Which still hasn't been changed. We found a couple new apartments, but we have to go check them out, make sure the prices are ok and all that stuff. Then we have to verify barrio safety, location, etc etc. Not to worried about safety honestly, the worst barrio in my area is about where I was living for 6 months in Viedma. As long as there are bars in the windows I'm good.
Until then, I'll continue booby trapping the house nightly with my weight set and several knives. :D

What else? It's been raining quite a bit, which is nice. Reminds me of tres arroyos, super hot, then torrential rain.
The district is still doing well, I sure am glad I have good elders. Well, Elder Bateman kinda threw down with one of our baptismal dates, but it's fixed now, no lasting harm done. That is an elder who knows how to call people to repentance. A good thing, I wish I could do it like him.
I'm learning japanese, just to be cool like that.

Isn't the alma story so cool?
Alma 1-Priest to wicked king Noah, repents
Alma the Younger-''The most vile of sinners'' I think he Dad understood more than anyone what he was going though
Coriantum-Bad missionary, but repented.
Really shows how merciful the Lord really is, man he loves us.
There is a great talk I have by Pres Kimball, I think Dad was the first one to show it to me years ago actually that talks about that. I will get the title to send it to you.
Great article in an ensign I read, April 2005, a balanced life. I really enjoyed it and your email made me remember.
A member here has a peso from 1885, it's awesome.
SO much has happened! But at the same time, not much has happened. The mission continues igual, challenges desafios, and new stuff every day. I'm still learning so much and am very happy. I'm glad to hear that you are all doing well (and that new windows are ine, that's exciting) Thanks for everything you guys do. I love you, Mom! And all the family too.
Oh, and I think the package was regected in US customs because I included the shoes. My ZL had the same thing happen to him for sending the same articles and he has to wash them and re send it. SO SORRY! 
Know what's weird? E Jones and I are the oldest elders in THE ZONE! For hundreds of miles, we are the most experienced elders, woah! More pictures on flickr!
NEGRO DIED! Good job translating! That old dog died, wow.
Anyways, have a great week!

Elder Joshua Wartena

I just love to see how much his English deteriorates each week and his Spanish improves.  Nefi--doesn't it look cool spelled with an "f"?  I think so.  Please pray for them as they are apartment hunting.  It will bless them and the missionaries that come after them for a long time.

Signing off for now, 
The Mama

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