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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello, hello, hello, hello, we welcome you today!


BRACES!!! WOOT! Go Nate, that's great that you finally have them. 
And Chris looks...old...in his ''uniform.'' I'll be expecting a 6 inch Subway Club bro. ;D

A good week. It seems to be the year of rain this year of 2011. Lots of 100+ degree days followed by bucketloads of rain. It's good for the fields out here that support the rest of the country...and the economy of the province.
I traveled alot this week. 2 day divisions in Toay, went out and worked with Elder Jones, it was good. We found 2 more people that can be baptised and accepted a date for this coming month of february. But yeah, normal more or less. Found them a new house, nice little apartment.  They'll be moving tomorrow. And transfers this weekend, so lots of packing and unpacking for one of them (Jones has been together with his kid for 3 transfers)
Then out to Acha for a baptismal interview, one of the best things about being a DL. However, the only buses out there leave in the morning and come back in the night, so we just had 2 companionships out there working. 
This was great for the district.  We had a baptism (in Acha...obviosuly) and found alot more people. But, Santa Rosa 1 suffered. Marcelino was confirmed, but we haven't able to get by to teach Patricia this week, and couldn't get her to church. Nor did Leda come. We were feeling pretty pathetic, until a member brought a friend that apparently wants to get baptised.

We did teach Franco again. He had read (at 16 years old, it is impressive) but didn't understand anything! Explanation, with another appointment to come teach the plan of salvation.

Stu is going on a mission, Stu is going on a mission. HAHA!!! Got him out, finally.
That's true about the mission and obedience. It's also really noticeable in the way you feel. 

I have some other scriptures for you, sorry the last week was kinda odd in that regard.

Lamanites, sometimes I think we give them a bad rap. Ok, so they were a horrible group of people much of the time, but I was trying to look for good things about them. They loved within their society, friendly, smart, built large cities and all that. They weren't just savages living in the wilderness all the time.
Jacob 3:7, Mosiah 9:1 Alma 18, Hel 5:50, 6:1, 5, 20, 37, Mosiah 24:5 Mosiah 8:21 

Marcelino was telling us this week that he believes the Lord gives us trials to discipline us sometimes. He was in the army and says how it is kind of like that. Why do they beat you down? Well, so that you will respond immediately to orders. If they say DOWN, they can't have some guy sitting there asking ''huh?'' He will die. The Lord does the same things, helps us to be humble so we can be more obedient. I liked the thought.

We should study the language, and pronounciation-Judges 12:6 haha

I finished Mosiah today. How I think of Mosiah-The  importance of following the Lord, how he can help you in trial, and the overall manifestation of a loving Father in Heaven helping his children. The last of the King chapters and great adventures leading up to Alma.  Alma is like Judges in the Bible. Lots of kinda random stories that end up working out.  I love Alma, and am quite excited.
Mona Lisa-Spanish, smooth female monkey...hmmmm

I bought new temple/baptism pants and shoes, did I mention that? They are the cowboy pants that they wear ''bombachas'' and the alpargatas. Yeah...
I did get the second package! And I have a question...how do I use these spices to make something delicious?
And yeah, we have a dinner tonight with the family Cueva. The husband Marcelo and the daughter are not baptised, pray for us! I'm making burritos and we're trying to get them to come to church again.
Sergio is also coming to church. The peruvian investigator who asks questions that I have never even thought about.
E Guevara is good, tired but he is a good missionary. Just solid.
We went and ate out this pday, then played basketball. Our team won, yeah.
Anyway, it must needs be that I cease writing. Thank you so much for the email Mom, I love hearing about all of you back at home. Keep doing well, smile, all that good stuff. Say hi to everybody for me, I love you all.
Til next week!

Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

Not much to add.  The spice were for Minestrone Soup.
Signing off for now,
The Mama

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