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Monday, January 17, 2011

So, here is my awful week.

Oh my gosh, roast....mmmmmmmm
But, I have argentine meat, it will have to do.
Hey, I've actually whipped egg whites before, in a plate, with a fork. It takes FOREVER. E Torres taught me how to make whipped cream that way over a year ago. Crazy little peruvian.

So, here is my awful week. Ok, it wasn't awful, I was just in the middle of my first real nervous breakdown I've had in the mission.

Tuesday, we had dist meeting and I went out to do divisions in Acha with Elder Eaton. Also had to go interview someone for baptism. Acha is good, little 16x16 block town, full of sand. The baptismal interview went...well, we jsut had to resolve her problem with tithing. Then we went around Acha giving a blessing to an older woman who had a stroke leaving her half paralyzed. She is moving to Santa Rosa today andwill be baptised in the 3rd ward.
Yeah, the wards are numbered here, it's cool. 
The remainder of divisions were spent teaching with great power and authority to the confounding of false doctrines. Literally though, people who had ''problems'' initially were forced to realize that they needed to pray to God and read the BoM. It was awesome.

Then, wednesday, back in SR. Well, 1 story for ya'll. Patricia, a lady we met and ended up teaching her sister when we went back for the appointment. She greets us by saying that she picked up the book we left her sister and really liked it if we could tell her more.
She said that if one wants to know truth from God they should ask with real intent, and she would really like to know.
Conveniently, we shared moroni 10 at that point. She would have desires to unite herself with this church if she knew. 
Baptismal date for the 29.
And Marcelino is still excited for his baptism this weekend. :D

But, then it was back out to Acha on thursday. The lady to whom I gave the baptismal interview had a husband who needed to be interviewed as well. They had to travel unexpectedly to SR for a doctor or something (well, they had to stay later unexpectedly) and so I stayed the night in Acha. 
The interview, we just won't talk about that. Sufficient to say that I have never left an interview before feeling sick to my stomach. Pretty sure that's a NO feeling. Anyway.....
So, fri night and saturday I was back in Santa Rosa, yeah.

Sat night, holy cow. Never in my life have I seen that quantity of rain. I don't think you can have that kind of rain unless it's in South America actually. The sidewalks were flooded in a manner of minutes. It was great, very nice after a 100+ degree day.

And now it's pday. We went to eat pizza with the district, and Acha is staying the night for dist meeting tomorrow. We've seen alot of each other this week.
And, I'm feeling alot better, don't worry. The rain helped alot for some odd reason. 

And yeah, that was about the week, lots of travleing, and lots of prayer. I finished 2 nephi today, which is good progress considering last week I started the book of mormon again to finish all the books by July. 

I'm taking martial arts, or maybe kick boxing. Glad to hear you are a kicking punching master now Mom, beat up all your sons. 

The package didn't get there did it?

No dog bites, but here's a good story.

We go to check up on a kid we have that is interested. The woman we think is his mother answers the door. Literally the craziest woman I have ever met, and ARG is not lacking in that category. Or maybe it's the simple fact of being a missionary, you find some weird people.  She thinks that she is the witch from Hansel and Gretel, and wanted us to come in to eat her empanadas. Juan is hers, we cant's talk to him. And it kinda kept going like this, we ended up just walking away as she yelled for us to come into her house. Yeah.

They put alarms into our apartment complex! So, we're going to stay here, one of the nicest houses in the mission. We have a sports activity with the ward on saturday before Marcelino's baptism, should be fun. We'll see what these kids got, they keep talking trash.

And yeah, that's the week. Thanks for your email, really, I love hearing how everyone is doing, it is defintely a high point of the week. I am praying for you all and hope you continue to do well. 

What else happens this week? 18 months as an elder my friend? Yessiree, when did that happen?  But, it's all good here is Santa Rosa. Thank you again for everything Mom, I love you all, and all the family. Say hi to the peoples and keep enjoying January.

Your missionary son and brother,
Elder Joshua Wartena

This week we thought it would be fun to send him an email taunting him about all the yummy food we've been learning to make.  I had a roast in the oven cooking and scenting the house as I was typing to him, so it was easy to taunt.  Now I just wish he were here so we could take off to Iceberg and get shakes and fries and talk.  Missing him a bit extra this past week.  BUT . . . all is good.  Can not believe only 6 more months and he won't be a fulltime missionary any longer.  Where does the time go?  Seems like he should still be 6 years old.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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