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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time is flying by

Dear All,

I forgot to update the blog for the past two weeks.  We have been soooooooooooooo busy, stressed, maxed out.  You get the general idea.  

Anyway, Josh is doing well.  He was sick with an ear infection about two weeks ago.  All is better now.  Please pray for Elder Guevara.  He has injured his toe, resulting in no walking.  Soon he will undergo surgery followed by recovery time.  What does this all translate into for missionaries?  Lots of time stuck in the apartment bored.  Josh mentioned he is going to look into renting a wheelchair so they can get out and do something.  It's been hard on the investigators not to have their missionaries coming by often.  Josh does get to go out on splits with other missionaries occasionally.  That is nice for him.  Poor Elder Guevara.  He truly needs our prayers.

Next week I will remember and post his letter.  In the mean time may you all be blessed with joy.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

Monday, February 14, 2011

Work Update

Dear Mom,

Work update!
Nothing, yup, the first week that has happened, nothing.
Elder Guevara has been put on orders to NOT WALK. We went out to work a couple of times and to pick up newbies in the terminal, and the doctor wasn't too happy about that. ''you are going ot have to get surgery, stop that!'' Yeah, X-rays, continued treatment, and I don't even know what at this point.
Gotten alot of reading done...which is good.
Elder Jones and Elder Bateman are both training north americans. 2 good kids, the MTC seems to be turning out better trained missionaries every time...jeez, we were so lost in every single way when we got here, how did we stand up?
Psalms 46:10, be still!
Alma 17:8;21:11 I can't remember why I wrote that one down, but I wanted to share it with you.
Marcelino in priesthood meeting made the comment that the creation was more like an organization and establishing the governing laws than a poof, there is the earth. 
I was quite proud of my Marcelino.
Patricia's boyfriend's uncle died, and she couldn't have a lesson with us. Since we have started teaching her, a friend has been stabbed, another has died, and her visiting grandma got pnuemonia or something. For some reason she continues reading and enjoying it.
Pretty awesome young lady. 
Excited to teach Sergio tomorrow. I'm taking Elder Jones' kid to do divisions here in Santa Rosa so we can go visit people. Should be fun.
Question, quiz. Who are the 6 women mentioned by name in the BoM?

And I'm running low on time. Tell grandpa a huge thank you for me.

I love you all, thank again for everything. I'm doing well. :D Smile!

Your son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

Prayers are so appreciated right now.  He was sick last week, but he's well now.  Pray for Patricia and her family. She needs it.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

Monday, February 7, 2011

Short but sweet.

Dear Mom,

Sergio is amazing, the peruvian guy we are teaching. We went over and he said that he started teh BoM again and read 15 chapters. After thinking he said that he had already recieved his answer. Thinks he got the peace he was looking for as we explained the plan of salvation. He always was afraid of death, always, but now is calm inside. He wonders why the other churches don't just accept the BofM. I asked him which church he thought had the authority and he said that by his testimony of the BoM, it would have to be the LDS church.  He still feels bad being baptised again after his catholic upbringing. But, he realizes his predicament and also realized that the only way to resolve it would be to ask God what it is that he wants him to do. so that is what he is going to do.
AKA; he'll be baptised soon.

Patricia will as well, oh, and her boyfriend, and her sister, who all loved the lesson we gave and will be waiting for us to come teach them tomorrow. :D
I have text messaging on my phone, and am the envy of the entire zone. I am unique, which i nice, because i's easier to send a text message to ''hey, we're coming over to visit you, are you come?'' Yeah, come on over.
I have a new planner, so I don't have the rest of my notes from last week. Elder Bateman and E Jones are both training in our distr...YAY! I like new elders, they are like fuel for older elders, push them sometimes. 
I met someone from that super southernly city in Tierra del Fuego on sunday, they were visiting family members in the ward. Ushaiah I think it is called...

Scriptures that made me smile this week.
Alma 8:10-13;16:9 
Sometimes the whole endure to the end thing just kinda...well...doesn't work out like we thought it would. We need to have faith on the Lord. Something that I am learning at the moment.

Joshua 1:9 
(thank you for that scripture, it has become one of my favorites)

Alma 57:21 
Thank you for being the best mother anoyone could ask for, Mom. I really do thank God daily for you and Dad.

It isn't as boiling hot this week, which was nice, looks like it will rain soon actually. I got to give 2 more baptismal interviews, oh how I love doing those. Also made minestrone soup. Oh my gosh, it was so good, you are a saint Mother. Saint Stacie.

Haha, "I don't believe in God, but I believe in the Virgin," one of the best rejections I've ever heard.

I'm keeping a miracle section in my journal now, an area were I write the miracles I see daily. I also have ''missionary miracles'' in the back of my planner. 

OH MY GOSH! That's the wall!!! I couldn't figure out where it was, then I saw the water heater. Wow, I'm at a loss for words. Could you send my the plans for the addition? I would love to see what the house will look like. I love internet, makes this so much easier... When is the finish date? 

Dad, I'm proud of you, school, work, bishop, house, father. You are pretty much Superman to me still, just fyi.

I love aregentina, some of the best people I have ever met live here.

Well, that was the week, it was an eventful one, that's for sure. Thank you so much again. Thank you for the constant emails, prayers, and support. I love you so much, thank you for being proud of me...well pleased with me, haha.
Have a spectacular week, Mom, family, love to everyone. 

Your missionary son and brother who send much love
Elder Joshua Wartena

We appreciate all of the wonderful prayers and support we feel from our family and friends.  It is fun to be supporting so many missionaries in the field, friends of Joshua and others in our Stake.  We are learning so much.

Signing off for now,
The Mama