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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time is flying by

Dear All,

I forgot to update the blog for the past two weeks.  We have been soooooooooooooo busy, stressed, maxed out.  You get the general idea.  

Anyway, Josh is doing well.  He was sick with an ear infection about two weeks ago.  All is better now.  Please pray for Elder Guevara.  He has injured his toe, resulting in no walking.  Soon he will undergo surgery followed by recovery time.  What does this all translate into for missionaries?  Lots of time stuck in the apartment bored.  Josh mentioned he is going to look into renting a wheelchair so they can get out and do something.  It's been hard on the investigators not to have their missionaries coming by often.  Josh does get to go out on splits with other missionaries occasionally.  That is nice for him.  Poor Elder Guevara.  He truly needs our prayers.

Next week I will remember and post his letter.  In the mean time may you all be blessed with joy.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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