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Monday, February 14, 2011

Work Update

Dear Mom,

Work update!
Nothing, yup, the first week that has happened, nothing.
Elder Guevara has been put on orders to NOT WALK. We went out to work a couple of times and to pick up newbies in the terminal, and the doctor wasn't too happy about that. ''you are going ot have to get surgery, stop that!'' Yeah, X-rays, continued treatment, and I don't even know what at this point.
Gotten alot of reading done...which is good.
Elder Jones and Elder Bateman are both training north americans. 2 good kids, the MTC seems to be turning out better trained missionaries every time...jeez, we were so lost in every single way when we got here, how did we stand up?
Psalms 46:10, be still!
Alma 17:8;21:11 I can't remember why I wrote that one down, but I wanted to share it with you.
Marcelino in priesthood meeting made the comment that the creation was more like an organization and establishing the governing laws than a poof, there is the earth. 
I was quite proud of my Marcelino.
Patricia's boyfriend's uncle died, and she couldn't have a lesson with us. Since we have started teaching her, a friend has been stabbed, another has died, and her visiting grandma got pnuemonia or something. For some reason she continues reading and enjoying it.
Pretty awesome young lady. 
Excited to teach Sergio tomorrow. I'm taking Elder Jones' kid to do divisions here in Santa Rosa so we can go visit people. Should be fun.
Question, quiz. Who are the 6 women mentioned by name in the BoM?

And I'm running low on time. Tell grandpa a huge thank you for me.

I love you all, thank again for everything. I'm doing well. :D Smile!

Your son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

Prayers are so appreciated right now.  He was sick last week, but he's well now.  Pray for Patricia and her family. She needs it.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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  1. Dear Elder Wartena: We are SOOO proud of you and all your hard work. WE KNOW you are touching a lot of lives and changing them for the better. We work with our local elders (a lot) here in Arizona and we do it (and love it) because we pray the Argentina people will take good care of you! We pray for you every day and know you are in our Heavenly Father's hands. We have watched you grow in the gospel so much since you've been out. This is not unusual, but it is an absolutely WONDERFUL benefit of a mission. I'm sure it feels like most of the missionaries we talk to say: "I got sooo much more out of my mission than the people I taught did." That's the joy of serving the Lord. We love you and look forward to what the Lord has in store for you next!
    love, G'pa and G'ma Hanna