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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adventures with a wheel chair


We did have the ‘’surgery.’’ It was what they called an infiltration. Last Tuesday they stuck a needle (huge sewing needle sized) into my companions foot to fill to affected area with a fluid to promote healing. The best part, while the doctor was putting it in, the syringe broke off at the base of the needle and he was all flustered trying to screw it back on while fluid leaked out. Ok, maybe not the best part, but it was kinda funny. That was Tue., and they commanded him to have complete rest for 1 week. So……I rented a wheelchair to be able to go to zone conference. It was an excellent conference. We volunteered to make the lunch, a peruvian dsh, Arroz Chaufa. Basically just 10 pounds of delicious rice with a ton of stuff thrown in, eggs, ham, bacon, onions, mushroom oyster sauce, and other things. It was…interesting to cook it all in our little kitchen. Definitely an

Then, I went out to Acha for another baptismal interveiw. The mother of a baptism they had several weeks ago. It was an excellent interview, the spirit made it clear that she was ready and happy to be baptized.  Oh, speaking of, the mission hit broke the record for baptisms in a month. We had 100, which hasn’t happened in years. Good

But, we had ANOTHER week of down time…it sucked. We were able to visit a couple of people and new converst/menos activos in the wheelchair, as well as attend church, but it wasn’t anything too exciting. But, I
started Ether this morning, so will be done with the Book of Mormon this week. Lots of study and cleaning. What are you going to do…most boring month ever… Just, don’t complain, the Lord will get back at you ;D.

Dad said that I got a promotion…that’s good. That’s very nice to know,
one less thing to worry about. 

Sorry I can’t respond to everyone’s emails (ok, anyone but you) the typing of the essays took longer than
anticipated. Good luck with school Dad, I’m praying for you. Tell Paris hi for me…that guy.

Oh I love my brothers. So much. Chris, Nate, Matt, Ben, Jo. I love you all. And it must needs be that I must go. Tomorrow I travel to Bahia again for a leadership conference…oh, joy of joys. Thank you again for the
wonderful emails, support, and just everything, I love you and will talk to you next week.

Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

To clarify things here, Josh's companion had surgery on his toe.  The essays were for his college admissions and scholarship applications due, ah, today.  All is well.

Signing off for now,
The Mama

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