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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Elder can Walk

Dear Mom

I love you too!

Alright, here is the quick run down of the week.
Tuesday, I traveled out to Bahia Blanca for a great leadership capacitation...yeah. No, it was actually really good, quick enjoyable. I like the attitude of pres detlefsen. Too many times we make the mistake of just putting on a face to do a great thing, but leave out the actually planning part and arte left high and dry when we actually have to do something important. 
I have a quote by winston churchill about that, but I forgot it at home, and I don't want to mess it up, next week.
Got back to Santa Rosa, then had the whole zone in my area for interviews with president. Excellent once again, I always enjoy my interviews with pres. he doesn't seem to worry that much about me, knows that I am usually just fine and don't have alot of problems. Just lets me know that I'm doing a good job, talks about the work, and yeah. It's nice to know that there is confidence there. Makes you want to live up to it more and be a missionary taht doesn't cause stress. 
That night I headed out to Cha for another baptismal interview. Ended up not doing the interview, that will be this week, but reinterviewed (kinda) the ├▒lady from last week and attended her baptism. It was definitely a positivie trip. Came back saturday, worked in Santa Rosa, church, and now it's Pday. The governemt made like 1000 houses in our neghborhood and gave them away, so quite a few families from other wards moved in to our's. Our bishop was pleased as punch, to say the least. We went out o visit them, they are all amazing members, quite a nice thing to have in an area where it is needed. Have lunch every day this week, hehe, thanks to them.
Yeah, it feels like I haven't been here is Santa Rosa at all fro the past 2 weeks. Ugh, but it's good. I'd rather be busy then scratching my head trying to figure out what to do.
I can play hymns now.
There were emergency transfers in the mission, the area of Toay (in my dist) was closed, and Elder Jones was sent out to Olivarria, on the aother side of the mission. His trainee of one month was reassigned to another ward here in the capital and Elder Christianson is coming up from Viedma to be his companion. Yes, my last comp, Elder Christianson, should be a fun transfer for those 2...I really hope EC speaks better than 3 months ago...of course he does. We'll be picking him up at 9:30 tonight.
Acha came out for Pday and we spent most of the day taking pictures at monuments, at government buildings, etc. It was a holiday, combine that with the siesta and we are the only ones outside.
GEN CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm quite excited, to say the least. Elder Guevara is up and walkiong now. He has to wear a super soft shoe, basically a slipper, but his toe is much much better. 
Sergio is giving up smoking to be baptised next weekend. YAYAYAYAY: Really a miracle honestly, considering our lack of work for 3 weeks.
I finished the BoM this morning! Started to Bible and D&C. I'm reading a section a day along with elder blackhorse to therefore finish the week we go home. AGGH.
Jesus the Christ is an awesome book. I've read it 4...5 times? I think 5 on the mission. Learned alot, a whole lot.
Great to hear how you all doing. We had an elder in the mission in Mar del Plata have his appendix removed last week...that was an interesting little emergency, I just heard about it.
Haha, I am so glad the school stuff got worked out, and tat you liked my essay. I think I'm going to just be a spy for the CIA or something...Jason Bourne
The Wartena supremacy, not quite the same ring.
Moroni, favorite book, hands down. It's just amazing. I love moroni 10. As well as chapter 7, where it is Mormon teaching in the synagoge...spelled wrong, oh well.
Limhi is an amazing example of personal virtue.
My brothers=awesome.
Ok, here are some of the pictures, our PDAY adventures
Never mind, it doesn't want to work...maybe I should buy a new card reader, this one looks kinda broken....it was 5 dollars...over a year ago...hmmmm
Oh well, you'll have to go a time without pictures. Again.
It's almost your birthday!!! Happy birthday Mom and Dad, a month early.
Now I'm jsut trying to fill space. Not sure what to write now.
It's still ridiculously hot here in the pampa. Summer is holding on.
I love you all so much. Thanks again for the constant updates on everything. Enjoy the crocusus for me. I still remember all of us being excited to go out and see your flowers come up after the cold.
I'll see you in 139 days. That was for Chris, hahahaha.
I'm praying for you, don't stay up too late! Eat an iceberg milkshake and ahve Chris make a sandwhich for me. (I'm very proud of you little bro, thanks for the good example to me)
Hugs and Kisses
Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena 

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