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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Companion Elder Paredes

Dear Mother
Hello, this fine monday afternoon. 
Sorry if the eamil is a little bit odd this week, I'm still fighting off a slight flu. I had a bug last week, which I then passed to Elder Christianson, and it would appear that he has passed it back to me.
But I don't have any high fever, bad symptoms, nothing, just a little bug.
It was a good week! We found 9 new investigators, which is somewhat of a miracle here in Santa Rosa. I will give you the highlights.
Divisions with the zone leaders, I was with elder Lloyd, we've been in the same zone/district for the past year or so.
Bruno and Valerio, with their little daughter (a family of young people, yes!) We kinda just caught them outside and got into their house. They really enjoyed the first lesson and gladly accepted a baptismal date for April if they receive and answer to their prayers in that time. Her father is a less active member in another ward, a she has heard asomething about the church before. What was great was going back and catching Bruno before he went to work. He really understands that it is important and alot depends on his use of agency to obtain an answer and find out what he needs to do. The Argentine culture really plays down the impotance of personal responsibility and the importance of religion, so for him to say that was great.
Jessica, who lives in the same neighborhood, has alot of questions about the plan of salvation (something else that is uncommon, I never thougth I would get a know to the questions ''have you ever wondered where you are going or where you came from?'' or ''Would you like to be with your family for eternity?'') she is a young single mom who's husband is in prison...it kinda sucks. But we havew an appointment with her tomorrow.
Then, an ex investigator family we found, with 2 kids. (more young people!) they just opened the door and told us to come in. They new the sister missionaries about 2 years ago when they were here in the area. Very evangelical, and we still ahev to have the first lesson with them (we just talked about Christ and our purpose as missionaries, it was what we felt like we should teach) we will see how it goes.
Elvira, she lives with a member (less active) and can't read. Not the best lesson I've had, but we will see what happens. 
Sergio is still gone, but we have faith! Aka, a little bit of hope, maybe desperation to hold on.
The weather is finally cooling down. It's good hoody weather in the morning, but you could still wear shorts in the afternoon. I've pulled out the old sleeping bag as bedding.
Elder Paredes is my new companion.  We get along really well. He is the cleanest missionary I have ever seen (and I thought I was clean...) and is just an easy going guy who is glad to be out of his last area! He is from Formasa argetina, up in the north, is 22 years old, and was baptised almost 4 years ago. This is now my 5th comp with 3 transfers or less, and the 3rd convert latin. I guess pres thinks I do a good job with newbies.
Woah, the missionaries where over for dinner. I can remember 1, maybe 2 times that we had them over. I feel bad for the elder from arizona! That's just a few hours away!
We are stoked for conference as well. Not only is it like a huge zone activity, hehe, but conferences are really amazing for some reason on the mission. :D Last general conf in Argentina, better enjoy it.
It's elder steele's birthday! we baked him a cake and everything, it was fun. 
We were walking back to church after going out to look for investigators, and we saw a man in sweats inside the church. Got all excited because we thought someone came. Turns out it was just the bishop...he was dead in bed and couldn't come, but wanted to come and do something in between meetings. It was kinda funny to walk in and give him a hard time. (he speaks english, and always makes joke to me)
I bought a mango, it sucked. MY comp informed me that you have to go up noth for good mangos. Oh well.
2 timothy 4:13. I find this scripture very entertaining for some odd reason. Paul forgot his coat, and had to let timpthy know to bring it to him for transfers. That happens all the time...some things just don't change about missionaries.
We did a morning of concrete work for service, so there was some soreness for the days following. I feel bad for my comp, I don't think he's ever done construction, and he was pretty dead...
Tortillas are so much better if you put butter in the dough. Who would have known?
And that's about all I can think of to write this week!
Thanks for the email, sorry I didn't respond much. But you see, sometmes you don't see how you can respond to things!
Yup yup yup. I had some great study time this week, but left my notes at home, presents a problem. But, one day I'll get everything in I want to. Until then (and afterward) I love you all, thanks again for everything, and have a great week. Hugs to everybody and a argentine beso as well.

Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena 

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