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Monday, March 14, 2011

Obedience =good things happen to you

Dear Missionary Mom

It finally got cold this week! Yes, we are back to sleeping in a jacket and sleeping bag. Such a nice change from 2 fans with all the windows open. The days are still quite nice though, with an occasional sweater. MMMMM.
Unfortunately, I probably won't be here much longer. I'm afraid that I will be going to Bahia to end the mission  either this Sunday or in 6 weeks. But, it is nearly certain that Elder Guevara will be leaving this Sunday. He
will be sorely missed.

But, we had an excellent week (depending on how you look at it. We spoke on the radio for about 30 minutes. Just about in what the church believes, the priesthood, and eternal families. Then we gifted a book of Mormon to the newscaster. It was fun, yeah. No one has called us yet...so we're not sure of the actual effectivity. Another member works for a local television channel, and is going to see about getting us on TV to talk about the church.

What else...
We didn't find many new people to teach this week unfortunately, even though we dedicated the majority of the time to that. But as the D&C points out, somtimes you just have 1 great person. Our's is Sergio. He is in 2 Ne 25 in his BoM reading. And is very excited to be baptised on Saturday, making great progress with the Word of Wisdon, etc. We were doubtful about him coming to church (not doubtful, just, apprehensive) because he spent Sat night at his girlfriend's house on the other side of town, and took the bus. Then canceled our appointment on Sat with the assurance that we would see him at 10 for sacrament. Several unanswered phone calls and a text message Sunday morning ended with the the 2 word message, I'm coming. And he did, walked in with jeans and a sweater, and enjoyed sacrament meeting alot. Asked to see the baptismal font afterward, which was promptly swept as he walked down the church hall (a huge spider had taken up residence since Marcelino's baptism.)

We and Acha are the only areas baptising in the zone, and have been since we got here. Which may be the reason that they split us into different districts. Lots of visiting less actives (non actives) and digging through lists
of old investigators. We will prevail!....maybe. 

E Guevara's extended family in Japan is doing well. They are on the other side of the country, and were not hurt in the disaster. The largest earthquake in 140 years...wow.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!!!!!! I ent you an ecard that made me laugh, I hope you like it. What do you want me to bring home for you, bud?

Chris has an email with his present in it.

Yeah, Dad told me. Well, at least he can be a test subject in his
classes for rehabilitation.

I'm quite proud of all my younger brothers.

I didn't even think about Laban! Ok, you beat me. Good Job Family! I don't have any other challenges prepared for this week. I've been reading the old testament, finished Genesis last night, oh so good! I just kept relating it to myself, which sometimes isn't the most productive this to do as a missionary, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Pride anyone? I apply Abraham Issac and Jacob to myself? 

I love that part of the book of Mormon, Mom (Alma 1-8ish). I have given talks several times in sacrament meeting on those chapters in the attempt to help move the ward in missionary work. I think the best part is the invitations he makes to those in the church, specific commitments to change lives. And then he extends commitments to those outside of the church, to repent and be baptized. What I'm getting more and more as I read the scriptures, is a pretty basic concept, to say the least.

Obedience=good things happen to you

Profound, yeah.

Not sure what to say about the week, yeah, just keeping on keeping on. Another Elder has my card reader card (his has broken) so I will email photos as soon as possible. But, yeah, good week. I'm happy, we're doing well, I had my haircut this week, and yeah. I love you all so much, thanks again for the great emails every week.

Your missionary son and brother,
Elder Joshua Wartena

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