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Monday, March 21, 2011

Pictures this week--and a new companion

Dear Mom,
 We think perhaps this is the new missionary badge. Not only is it impossible to miss, but the missionary can build some muscle strength at the same time.  And now that I take a good long look at it, it would be a great tool for self defense.

 Last photo together before the transfer.  Elder Guevara is off to Viedma.
He will be missed.

 P-day in the zone playing Delta Force.  He is, of course, the one hanging off the side of the building.

 Yeah, El Misionaro. that's a pretty cool sign, and those are gypsy kids. Yup, gypsys. 

 The big yellow building is for government offices. Josh loves to be up high, always has.  I remember all the trees.

 Josh and Elder Guevara with the Maldonado family (probably our favorite family).  The girl, Estella, has her mission call to Cordoba, and Pablo is waiting for his call. 

 Massive old Catholic Bible.  MASSIVE.

WOW! All of a sudden I realize once again how busy ya'll are. I just walk around and teach people, hahaha.
However, it's coming to an end, as you pointed out. 

Yes, I am a district leader. I take the missionaries numbers every night, make sure they are all alright, give the lessons every week and coordinate dist meeting. Basically I just make sure everything is working in the district. Not too hard at all. It's the first time I've had the zone leaders in my district though, which is fun. I'm so glad I'm not a zone leader, it doesn't look one bit enjoyable. You just handle numbers and make sure the dist leaders aren't dying. Not much interaction with any district or other companionships, more impersonal, blech.  

Elder Guevara was transfered down to Patagones, the area next to Viedma. He is going down to the coldness of winter in the south, BRRRR. I will miss him, but will be with an elder from his group (same time as him) Elder Paredes. Yuo, Elder Walls, he was born in Cordoba, but raised in  Buenos Aires. We will see how it is, he gets here from Mar Del Plata tonight at 10. 

That's the ward, after ward conference. The older gentleman next to me is Marcelino.

I am sending some other pictures, just a second. I am encouraging you to put some up on the blog for the rest of the family

Kid in the red shirt, member, with Guevara.

The week was pretty tranquilo. We have no hot water, our water heater decided to not work for longer than 2  minutes. So, until it gets fixed, we heat up water on the stove and use that in the shower. It's not that bad, you get clean, it's faster, and alot less water........silver lining?

Sergio has fallen off the map. After the law of chastity he was really torn. You see, he knows it is true, and really loves the gospel, honestly. However, his girlfriend will have nothing to do with it, and told him not to invlove her. Now, the law of chastity does involve her, and he is between a rock and a hard place, you could say. He doesn't know if he wants to marry her either. It's pretty sad. Then he called and said that he would be able to meet with us for the appointment, but would call when he could. He hasn't called, and we haven't been able to find him in his house. It's looking pretty grim.

But I played battleship! And lost miserably, to one of the young women...We were there to say goodbye to the family (for EG) and she challenged me while the other members of the family were writing in his journal. And then slaughtered me... 

Ward conference was good. They went over the stake mission plan once again, so we'll hopefully be getting some more support here soon. Divisions with Elder Christianson. As usual, all of the appointments fell through and we were stuck going by less actives and old investigators. It was fun though, he speaks much better now, it's good
to see that. Does a heart good!

Speaking of heart, we ate that again today. It was the cheapest meat, and we wanted meat in the burritos. Which were delicious. Found a new tortilla recipe, who would have thought that so much butter would be used?

The birthday parties sound fun. Pictures were taking? This is a very hopeful plea. Ben, you still need to let me know what you'd like for your birthday! Thank you to the little boys for their emails. You guys always make me smile, thanks for lightening up the day.

My debit card has not arrived yet, I'm starting to be slightly worried...

Thank you very much for the scriptures, D&C is amazing. I am reading it now and loving it. Read section 6 the  other day, which may be favorite section. It just feels like another pat. blessing.

Oh, and EG's family was fine in Japan, they live in Sapporo, on the other side, facing China. Well, I am running out of time, but a great big hello to the hole family. I love you all and hope your week goes well. Good luck in everything, I'm praying for you always. Thanks again for everything (literally) Hugs and kisses

Your misionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

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