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Monday, April 4, 2011

I love Conference!

Dear Mom

Conference was great, as always. Such a surreal thought realizing that it was the last one I will enjoy as a missionary. Weird.

Came to the Cyber early so as to download/listen to the talks of Pres Eyring and Uchtdorf. I was unable to hear or watch those ones yesterday. I am quite excited for a discussion about priesthood session now. I will be honest, Pres Monson's talk kinda blew everyone away.

Elder Petersen and I were waiting the whole weekend for Elder Robert D. Hales. We decided as we heard everyeone say that they loved Elder Holland or Bednar, that Elder Hales is really the overlooked apostle. We were actually getting honest to goodness excited about his talk. Who is the one apostle that did not speak in conference (probably one of the few rare times) Elder Hales. Sigh, we'll just have to see if something comes out in conference.

Pres Packer gave one of my favorite talks, once again. It was just so simple and really penetrating. LIVE THE GOSPEL! GOSH.

Elder Holland seemed to desire that we were all deeply impressed by conference and took the messages to heart.

Elder Scott, always a good moment for me, since I talked to him in front of the MTC. No one remembers it but me, but I always listen just a little closer. Charity, the pure love of Christ, apply that when you are preparing and are married. 

A 70 gave a great talk, but I can't remember his name (not suprisingly) and once again left my giant notebook at home. 

We have been out walking around and hanging out with other elders all day. We kinda just started out to downtown with the intention of buying things, then ran across a museum (you think impressionstic art is boring, you should see an Argentine art museum. Oh, my goodness, it was great. I have attached some pictures) Then we realized we were on the other side of Santa Rosa at the lagoon. Very pretty. A nice overcast afternoon with a breeze.  Reminds you of some nature walk we would do.  And then we bought pastries and sat with other missionaries in their house because we ended up righ tnext to it! Just a chill day.

Not much to report work wise. I was correct it saying that I recaught the bug I had last week. This week I was wise though and decided to rest and drink lots of fluids. Pleased to report that I am now fine, but we didn't have much working time due to the sickness and general conference.

However I will tell you about a cool finding experience. 
We were just in the new barrio looking for a family there, (aka, logistic door knocking and contacting) and we saw a young mother with a stroller just sitting in her doorway. Now, normally, we don't go talk to young attractive women with no men around, but this time we didn't even think about it for some reason and went to talk to her. Her husband is, well, gone, and her 4 year old son was born with massive medical defects. He has a breathing tube, a growth problem, and other things. She is in the house all day, taking care of him, her family is all on the other side of the city, and her only realy transportation is the ambulance. Well, she was remarkably casual about all this, and we felt that the Lord had led us there to allow the gospel to bless her life, which we said. She agreed to a return appointment, and we're very grateful that we can be used by the Lord.
So, there is one miracle.

So, I just want to thank you real quickly. Thanks for raising me/us (I'm speaking for the brothers) as well. Without excess garbage of the world. I don't know if it was on purpose, but thank you for making my idea of a snack a handful of peanuts or an apple; the pleasure of reading and studying a good book one of the most looked-forward to activities of the day; walks instead of video games; teaching us the importance of prayer by example. Thanks for taking us to church and supporting our priesthood activities. Thank you for making us work and learn the importance of a work ethic. Thanks for just being good parents, even when we were little pills. (to use parental vernacular.)
I just thought that after conference. Thanks Mom and Dad.
Anyways, I am going to go now and pump out some other emails. 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I hope that suffices, because you are not getting anything sent to you, except a son in 15 weeks, haha!

I love you all, thanks again a million for the emails, I love hearing how everyone is doing.

Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

How awesome is email? I forget to load the attachments and this pops up ''you have written ''I have attached'' but haven't attached any files, would you like to?'' Yes, thank you...creepy machine. These are some of the things we did while waiting for conference (paper games anyone?) afterward, some random stuff on the roof, the museum (so, ok, it was just dumb art) and a video I believe, of the lagoon. Oh, and the last set of pictures I sent to you, you asked about the big yellow building. I think I told you it was governemnt offices, that was a mistake, that is another big yellow building. The one of which I sent you a photo is the apartment building in which the zone leaders and barrio 2 live. Sorry about that... And I totally saw Sam in the choir Saturday afternoon!

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