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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Mom,
This is big.  I want to climb it--oh, wait.  Look at my pants.  I already climbed it and it was awesome!

Ok, there were a couple Aaron's at the OFC, but I am 95% sure that I know to whom you are referring, thanks!

Your attempts at humor remind me of mine, and are quite funny, not gonna lie, I do enjoy them.

Haha, well, I am going to be suprised by the paint color, sure sounds exciting...  But really though, did you let them make the Mordor/Gondor mural that we were trying to do a couple of years ago? Please say yes.
Josh's latest investigator

I think I'll put the rock right here.

We had an exciting week here. A whole lot better than last week. Not hard, considering that we had about 3 full work days last week, and that tends to get you down.

The branch is great. Great new leadership that is taking the new plan to heart and doing their best. The members are actually very animated as well. It isn't a ''sleeping'' area like Santa Rosa was. Reminds me more of Viedma.

Big story: The 2nd counselor's younger brother is 22 years old and has been in ''the world'' for 2 years. o sea - partying. He was baptised at 8 and worked with missionaries, the whole 10 yards, but just fell away and nobody had any real hope for him honestly. Well, Jaoquin comes to us and says that he wants to repent and come back. He said that he is sick of the cruddy life and wants the Spirit back. He's a stud. Working with the branch president, and listening to the missionary discussions again. Showed up to church in a suit with his shirt ironed asking for help with a tie, scriptures in hand. Sure, he had 2 huge earrings in, but no one cared, everyone is just happy to see the prodigal son coming back. 
The city of Tandil

Josh and Elder Decilia

A solid foundation.  Does this make him the Wise Man?

We have an appointment with the Jehovah's that we found last week tonight, wish us luck. We think that he got frustrated last time because we wouldn't give him any answers that he wanted, just kept going back to the Book of Mormon.

Church went well, except for the the member of the dist presidency who had the Moses staff and Christ analogy symbol mixed up. The story was all fine, but he seemed to think that the US medical corps symbol, the caduceus, came from that story, and that he had discovered a secret of symbols taught to him by the Spirit. I didn't know how to tell him that it was actually the sybol of the pagan god, Hermes, and had nothing to do with the Bible. Whatever, sometimes stuff like that happens, just laugh it off. He called someone to a the elder's quorum and had only the men sustain, because it was a calling in the priesthood.......yeah.
Oh, how lovely was the morning . . .

I am not playing piano. We are trying to encourage a lady in the ward become proficient enough that she can play at least the melody line for the meetings.

Our ward mission leader is having the inspection on his house for the transplant this week. It has to be in optimal conditions for him and his son, the donor. Giving his Dad a kidney. So we've been over there several times to help finish a room that was half constructed.
another rock

Elder Decilia

Another surprise, Anai, the daughter of the Hermana Hourcaidi read the chapter we assigned her! She wasn't what you would call the most accepting investigador, so we were quite happy to hear the, "Yes I read."
Alfredo, the future husband to one of the ladies in the ward, is all ready to be baptised. Just has to sign a divorce paper and take out a turn to get married as soon as possible. Easiest commandments lesson of my life. ''Yeah, I'm all fine with those, don't intend to start drinking or anything either'' He is a truck driver of 22 years and ready to retire and just live happily.

That's really the most exciting news of the week. I believe that I already told you about Noelia and her father, the family for whom we are praying out our guts. Appointment tomorrow, please read! A young lady of 21 years with her father. WE need to teach the mother that wasn't there and the son who doesn't really want to listen. She is the friend of the 2nd counselor. We just can't take him along with us. He is about to get married, and it appears that Noelia wouldn't mind having him as her boyfriend, so he can't really help us.
Elder Decilia reading about the rocks

Elder Decilia okaying the rock placement

Divisions with Elder Hardman from Spanish Fork went well. An ex investigador gave us 8 litros of powdered milk...so we're good milk wise. She couldn't meet with us, but wanted to help us out. It was nice.

The pictures are from today. We took a little paseo out to the piedra movediza. I explaned what it is in the video.
It was nice to be outside, with big rocks. Stange how some things help you relax--climbing trees.
One of them is a tiny little obolisk thingy. We coulnd't figure out what it was for. My companion has a glass eye, he lost his left eye when he was 2 years old. Kinda cool, good for jokes.

Well, now I'm rambling, but thanks so much for the email and the thoughts. Tell everyone high for me.
I'm in Samuel, Acts, and 1 Nephi still. Just kind of reading and trying to soak it all in for once. It's nice to see how the gospel is just once big whole.

D&C 76 ROCKS. I highly recommend it.

Anyways, until next week my wonderful mother. I love you all back home. My comp. says hi. :D
Your missionary son and brother, who is is quite tired and actually took 2 hours of p-day to nap while his comp did laundry. Best news of the week, The zone leader Elder Gaughan asked the office and now, because we are 4 in 1 house, we have a brand new washing machine.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Goodbye to nearly 2 years of buckets and sinks.

Elder Joshua Wartena

PS. I made guacamole today, Dad would be proud...

PSS.  The highest thing I've seen in just about FOREVER.  Don't worry, I was at least 10 feet from the edge.
The Mama here just saying if I can get the pictures to cooperate I will upload them a bit later.  They are just giving my fits, and you all know how skilled I am with the computer.  Anyhoo, he's happy and relaxed enjoying the new companion and the new area.  I can imagine the joy those missionaries must be feeling with a washing machine in their apartment.
Happy days to you.
Signing off for now,
The Mama

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