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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Dear Mom,

Weird, Memorial day. I always associate that with mine and Nathan's birthday. And heat...but it's not very hot at the moment.  In fact, it's about to start pouring rain. The morning fog was a sign we thinks.

Zone conference ROCKED. If Pres. doesn't get off topic on old testament imagery and how genesis applies to missionary work, he is explaining the meaning of the atonement and pratical applications towards eternal life.
It makes me wonder what I missed when I couldn't understand a word.  But, the mission reached 101 baptisms, which is the highest in nearly a decade. It's a good thing.

Oh, yeah, we had 12 people sleeping in our house for zone conference, and 1 of them was sick. You know what that means, we were all fluish for about 2 days. But, the house has been rebleached and everything but us in said house is dead and down the drain.  Apart from cleaning, Pday was spent eating, sleeping, laundry, and oh yeah, getting permission to come whenever we want and play basketball at the indoor court by our house.
Why email is cool. Power surge in the Ciber, but the email auto saved.

So, Alfredo is getting baptised this month, he's pretty stoked about it. He is the man marrying the member and yeah, its' a good time.
The Jehovah's Witness unfortunately had no interest and wouldn't read. So, dropped.
But, the Hurcades are having a large focus of prayers and work placed on them. The cousins of the member lady who lost their mother and now live with their aunt. We finally got them interested in something we said with the plan of salvation (not suprising) They actually smiled.  Yaqualina and Lionela
The daughter of sister Hurcade as well, came to the activity in the church and is recieving the lessons. Camila

Speaking of the activity, the branch president and I are the official ping pong champions.
''Hey, elder, do you want to paint?'' (service activity)
Yeah, sure, where is the paint?
''did you ever paint before elder?''
Yeah, once or twice.
We're finishing the ward mission leader's house this week, while he and his son are in Buenos Aires for the transplant tests.

Church went well here too. The brother Barrasa came, shich was a little miracle, considering that he was excommunicated while they lived in Spain. But, he's nearly done with the BoM he informes us and seems alot...well...not the normal excommunicated member.  And Barcelona won the champions league game against Manchester United. Since Messi plays for Barce, that was a HUGE deal.

I'm looking forward to working out again, I'm glad to hear that you're doing well there. Keep it up, Mom.
Palmer married, it still hasn't clicked. Someone with whom I lived 24/7 for more than 4 months.

Yeah, and that's about all the advetures here in Tandil. Doing well, working hard, and yeah.
You all sound busy. I realized that I'm coming back to little brothers who aren't so little anymore, and a house that I won't recognize. Oh, and from winter to summer.
Maybe I'll stop off in Buenos Aires and just ''get lost''.  Just kidding, Mom.  I got your letters! Thank you all so very much. It made my week to get something from ya'll.

And thank you for the faith principle. I was praying this week to learn how to gain more faith. Thanks for being an answer to my prayer.

Have a great week, don't get flooded, that would be a very bad thing. I love you all, thanks again for everything and will talk to you soon!

Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

P.S. 1 and 2 Corinthians are some excellent reading, if you were looking for something.

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