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Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Baptisms End of This Week

Dear Mom,

As a matter of fact, I do feel older. I now have to shave at least twice daily to maintain the missionary appearance and found that I sing a beautiful bass line this sunday in church.  
Yeah, not really. Church was a grand total of 18 people. You see, the TORRENTIAL rain of Friday night and Father's Day  -- HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! --  combined to drive away most of the members to BBQ's, naps, and etc.  
But, I got to give a talk and it went quite well.  
Yeah, it was some pretty crazy rain, following and preceding the 

now current 93% humidity according to local readings.  
You get used to humidity, it's weird. Why am I all wet, it's freezing . . . Ahhh, condensation.

The kids are doing well, the young men, 3 should be baptised this weekend, which will double our young men-s quorum. Then in July we-ll do the same to the young women. Yes, the chicas Hurcades finally accepted a baptismal date.  
Joaquin is my hero here in Tandil, he's becaome the Heleman to the young men here in the ward.

You all sound so darn old. Matt is coining philisophies, Ben is going to join the Marines or something, Nathan is on Trek, Chris is 18, and Jo is fully mobilized on 2 wheels. Whaaa. . . 
Well, I'm excited to party, not to be trunky or anything, but I'm excited.  Are you ready to go biking?

We're going crazy, just trying to get every person in we can teaching wise before we head out. Goal, baptise the last week here.  
However, this week wasn't the most fruitful, with the holiday, weather, going out to Rauch to help them *(it wasn't pretty) and service several days, we didn't teach nearly as much as we would have liked. This week we travel up to Olivarria for the conference with Elder Arnold of the 70. Woohoo. I've heard more 70 in the mission than ever did at home.

To Kill A Mockingbird, ahhh, what a wonderful book. History in general, good subject.

Thank you all so much for the b-day cards!

Alma is a champ. I'm finishing the New Testament right now and Paul strikes me as the B
ible version of Alma. Same kind of conversion, etc. Just amazing people that show their love through their works and remain faithful forever. I think it's interesting, too, to think about how there were 3 generations there *commented on this before( Alma the elder, Alma the younger, and Coriantumr. 3 real, well, not living up to their callings, who repent and become powerhouses. Alma the younger probably felt a great love and appreciation for his father as well when he was put in a similar situation.

I feel like I've gained more love, of course. But I think as well I've learned alot more of how the Lord loves us, and because of that love does so much, mainly John 3:16. But the amount of sacrifice one will give for that thing called charity. Now, not that a mission is a huge sacrifice at all, but I've learned alot more about the value of a person and the absolute necessity of the gospel.

How great is email, it just saves your letters in case of a power outage.

If you haven't darsed cuenta, not much happened this week writing wise. The ping pong & pancake activity went well, and the American pancakes were a hit. Argy pancake is something that resembles a wet crepe with no flavor.  
Carmel covered pancakes, mmmm.

And, that's all folks. I will let you know how the baptisms and the huge conference went next week! Thanks again for the cards, the emails, the updates, and all that. Have a great week, I love you, family!

Your missionary son and brother,
Elder Joshua Duveau Wartena

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