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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventures a Plenty

This is a particulary long post that I loved reading.  Unfortunately I don't have time to proof read it for you this week.  Josh only have 30 minutes each week for the typing so he does it quite fast.  Enjoy it in it's original form.  If I get the time Sunday I will try to add the photos that came with the email.  He's having a pleasant time serving with the missionaries in Tandil.

Dear Mom,

I'm tired too. But I think it has more to do with playing soccer for 2 hours with our soon to be baptisms and walking all over the hill calvario today.
Pictures attached. Included the traditional 13 catholic stages of the passion of the Christ, on the path to the cross. Also included are pictures of the whole of Tandil, a huge cliff (with me interpretating Lord of the Dance) Those hills are supposedly some of the oldest in the world.
Your weeks sounds like it was dominated by the summerfest. I showed my comp the pictrures and he immediately said ''BOCA, yeah'' OHS has the same colors as one of the largest Argentine futbol teams.
I didn' trecognize the brothers, and thought Nate was Chris, and was quite confused as to why he was wielding cymbals.
Thank you for the photos.
alright, I won't be responding much to what you sent, sorry. 
Finish Alma, we'll talk about it when I get home. But not the house, that way I have some way with which to occupy my time, physical labor.
Umm, food is pretty much the same at this point. Noodles, rice, Milanesas, Empanadas, lots of Oatmeal, the whole house is hooked on it.
We bought a vaccum cleaner this morning. What happens when you get a whole bunch of old elders in a house together. ''hey, Wartena, let's buy a vaccum''' alright, call the offfice. ''hey, e garcia, we need 450 pesos for a vaccum, thanks''
AHHHHHHHHH No more sweeping carpet, no more buckets for clothes. Not to complain, but laundromats are so expensive, and a washing machine is nice.
Like I said before, the young men are getting baptised in 2 weeks (we got another 2 of their friends too) and are pretty excited. Still trying to get the Mom invloved. Alfredo is having some problems with the sister, and yeah, kinda can't talk aboiut it, but he probably won't be baptised this week.
The branch is doing well. We had an area conference via sattalite yesterday with E Anderson and E Packer. 50 years as a gen authority. He said right there that he won't be coming back to Arg, but will have to pass over as he leaves this life. Amazing talk on the holy ghost, and all the speakers (including sis Wixon and E Civic) mentioned tithing and taking the gospel seriously. Excellent.
Then we went out to work, and were contacted by a small man who had met the missionaries before and wanted us to come by. Well, we grab Juaquin in the street, and head over. He informes us that it is a bar and a ''house of services'' as the door opens and they tell us that is a club. But, the guy appeared and invited us in. 
Sure enough, a prostitute invited us to dance right there, but we followed Miguel into his ''room'' and began to teach. Ummm, here is where we realize that we are IN a, well, brothel, for several clues inthe room and such. Then the girl (alma) walks in and begins to teach us about the evangelical church and her testimony (her being drunk didn't help) and we end up listening to her prayer and cutting her off because we had to go. It gets better, while we were praying, another girls came in (who had tried to come in earlier, holding her clothes on, and then walked out) and was putting on makeup. Informed us that she didn't believe in God, but we could come back that night. It was a transvestite. So, in fin, we taught a gay prostitute, a straight prostitue, and a transvestite prostitute in the brothel. Not exactly the situation you try to get into. It gets better, leaving the bar, we met a man who is apparently a murderer.
Yeah....the adventures of a missionary. Then we saw a drug addict, another homeosexual, and several drunks that same day.
It was quite the interesting day of rest.
We also walked acroos 40 minutes of ''private property'' to knock a door. Were intereseted by the 10 meter portcullis and towers that were in the middle of a field and decided to meet the owner. The groundkeeper (a very nice lady with a shotgun on her back, apparently they have frequent problems) came out of the servants quarters of what is literally the largest house I have ever seen. Not really a house, more of a mix between an english castle and a chalet. Like, the count of monte cristo's house with battlements. We gave her a book of mormon, but she asked us to leave. It belongs to an ''italian society'' Either the mafia, or vampires.
It was quite the exciting week, and we taught alot of lessons, found quite a few new people (but nothing really mind boggling) We start the last transfer today, we're still together. Actually, no missionaries in Tandil changed, which is kinda nice.
The Volcano in Chili affected the weather here, we had a few days of ash falling. It was cool.
D&C 88 in amazing.
And, yeah.
That's about it, and I ahve to go write pres and run. Thanks again for the email. Ï love you all too, have a great week, and say hi to everybody back home.
Your missionary son and brother
ELder Joshua Wartena

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