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Elder Joshua D. Wartena
Casilla de Correo 70
Bahia Blanca 8000
Buenos Aires

Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear Mom

Oh my, the week in which you receive sun is the coldest week here in Tandil. The official welcome to winter. Not sure what weather station is being used on that website, but I assure you that it is equivocado (wrong).  I asked Elder Decilia why and he explained that the current weather situation is due to the winds blowing up from Antarctica, crossing the Patagonia, and ending up destroying the province of Buenos Aires.  Makes sense.
Cruel, cruel, cold.

But, we found 13 new investigators this week, which is somewhat of a personal record. Probably due to the fact of many more people being home.  I'll tell you about Brian, Nahuel, Trumpy, and Edu.  The are youth about the ages 13 and 16.  We didn't have high hopes as we walked in after them. Turns out their mother went to the church when she was a little girl, and some of the boys had as well with the sister missionaries here before. They are studs, the only appropriate word. Well, not really appropriate, since they have nothing to do with, nvm.
They were answering questions with more honesty than any adult. 

''Can I say the prayer'' oh, I forgot something, I'll say another one.
Are we going to read some of the book now before you go?
Uhhh, of course
What is a servant? Oh, I know! It's an animal!
No trumpy, the other kind of servant (Siervo-servant Ciervo-type of deer)

Trumpy and Hanuel came to church. Unbathed, exhausted, and slightly confused, they came.
We have their baptismal date in 2 weeks.

Alfredo is still having problems with getting a marriage date soon. But, we have a member who is a justice of the peace, so it'll work out.

A transvestite and it's ''friend'' contacted us in the street. That was interesting, especially since I was on divisions with e Washburn, who just got here from the MTC.  Oh, and I just walked into a house and sat down, while asking permission and not getting an answer. Awkward first lesson to 4 young adults anyone? Yes, but hey, boldness?

Thank you so very much for sending me a scarf.

So dad, you know how they don't use drywall here, but once in a very great while you will find someone with a drywall roof in small rooms, and they ask for help painting.
Primer coat, nope, just go for it.  It looked so bad, I felt ashamed. But they seemed to be more interested in the large whole remaining in the wall then the paint.  Oh well.  I'm trying to respond to as little as possible about home stuff, because the constant reminders are slowly driving my insane. The last daily planner sitting in my pocket, the comments of other missionaries, etc.
But, thank you for asking, and caring, it means quite alot.
I was thining about blessings on this end as well, it was a long list too.
I don't have the card with me, I will make sure to bring it next week. 

Woah, Spencer got home. I'm glad to hear he is doing well, tell him hi from me.
I feel honored to have people praying for me, thank you.
Light/medium blue.
I like blue. If it could be a light blue stripe, white stripe, light blue stripe, with yellow somewhere in there, I wouldn't complain either...

Tandil is still doing really well. The whole district had an excellent week. We're trying to promote more enthusiastic work and charity it seems..I feel like a spy. Especially when we put on long dark coats, carry passports from other countries, and talk to people in another language.

No pictures this week. Just imagine kansas, at 0 degrees, and you'll pretty much have it.
Although I shouldn't talk, I imagine RUSSIA had some cold days, ya know, just here and there.

Well, I have to write Pres Detlefsen, so I am going to run.
Thanks for the constant updates on the brothers and home in general, I really appreciate it.
You were correct when you said you were the best missionary writer, Mom. It's quite impressive.
I love you all, have a great week. We're praying for you here in Argentina.
Thank you for the dog and car advice. Tell Chris not to lick cats.

Your missionary son and brother
Elder Joshua Wartena

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