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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

Dear Mom,

Alright, here we go.

The week started off well with service, roofing the house of our ward mission leader. Who knew that longer sheets of steel could cut your hand right open? Luckily it was cold, so I didn't notice until I felt my hand getting warmer (it was full of blood, that was the reason for the sudden warmth) No stiches necessary, and my hand is nearly completely healed now. I like to think I'm a little bit wolverine and have healing powers.

Speaking of physical infermities (I don't even care about spelling), don't eat bacon if it smells funny. You may get food poisining with rather nasty side effects.

4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!
We ate hamburgers, french fries, and related everything to america in our house while speaking English loudly (to the annoyance of our Latin American companions)

Rejection still hurts just as much the 24th month as it did the 1st. Not just an I don't want to hear, but hard, don't ever come back to talk about the church, we've decided not to read, nor listen ever.
That hurts badly. 

But, that same day, we found a family of ex-investigators that want to be baptised and couldn't figure out why the missionaries had stopped coming. Well, Sergio and Rosa, we are here now. Unfortunately, there may be a small problem with a divorce and remarriage.

The Hurcade girls are finally on the boat with progression towards baptism. YAY! Yaqualin and Lionela will pull through! 

Joaquin still insists on going out to work with us whenever he can and telling everyone how we helped save him and how now he is back in the church getting ready to go out on a mission.
We don't mind.

Pres is driving all over the mission to interview the missionaries in their houses. It was alot of fun actually.  He said that he has never seen me as an ''older'' missionary. That I always just keep being a young, excited missionary. However, my Spanish and teaching have progressed significantly. He talked to Elder Decilia and I alot about leadership and the importance of what we've learned on the mission being applied at home.

2 more p-days anyone? Yeah, that's weird.

It snowed Sunday! Ok, not really snow, more of 5 minutes of weak flakes. But, it never snows in Tandil, you would have thought it was an arctic storm, everyone was so excited.

Missionary stories are just cool I've decided. So excited to be an RM.

There is alot to do here before we leave, we're trying to organize and get everything in so that the missionaries coming in have a good base off which they can continue what we started. Lots and lots of planning and fast walking this week.

The books of KINGS are finished, read, woohoo! Talk about long, tedious war chapters. A little harder than the Book of Mormon, but I will try to throw out a spiritual thoguth from them. King Josiah, why was he spoken of so highly? Not only did HE follow the Lord, he also placed the entire kingdom under covenant, and utterly destroyed the idols, groves, etc. We can't just be half into the gospel. Get all the way into the work, don't just sit on the sidelines or be content saving yourself. It won't work!  In the end, King Josiah and his kingdom were destroyed by the Babylonians and carried into captivity. But, it was written that no king before or after was like unto him in devotion and full zeal to the Lord.  Wouldn't that be nice to have written of us?  Food for thought.

D&C 121 is amazing. It has been written in the back of several of my planners, and I read it again this morning. Thank you Joseph Smith, for being in Liberty Jail so that we could have these sections.

Just leave lots of work that requires me to be outside. The level of ''not tan'' is actually quite impressive at the moment. 

Haha, I'm glad that Nate is planning my life, and who will be the favorite uncle of my future children...

I saw a movie poster the other day, and not to say I'm unfocused or anything, but captain america coming out the end of july?

Well, I am going to run, I get to help a young man with english, finish an activity for a ward FHE tue and we're off to teach some peoples. Oh, how grateful I am to be with Elder Decilia.

Thank you so much for everything you do, Mom. I love you, and everyone else too, but you're Mom, so you get it first. :D

Your missionary son and brother,
Elder Joshua Wartena

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