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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

He's almost done.


It sounds like a construction site there at the house. Leave something for me to do, alright? I've never installed hardwood floor, probably interesting.

The ash from the volcano returned yesterday, but will probably calm down in a few days.  Coincidence? I think not, Elder Decilia and I were talking about the records in the book of Mormon this morning. Can you imagine the massive job that Mormon and Moroni had? Think about England, what would the combined records of the country over a period of 1,000 years look like? Probably a lot of reading material the Nephites had.  Tthen you've got to include the ENTIRE gospel in that record, as well as making it an accurate historical record. We think Mormon had a good idea of what the gospel principles were, maybe just a little...
I'm finishing 2 Nephi again, and enjoying it as always.

Thanks for being proud of me, Mom. :D

Elder Decilia is good, no worries. Elder Guevara, too.  I talked to me Peruvian-Japanese friend this week.  He's training in Patagones (down near my beloved Viedma, Elder Ramires is a District Leader, as is Elder Walker, and Elder Christianson is a Zone Leader in Mar del Plata. Elder Paredes is still in Santa Rosa 1, and Elder Decilia is, well, with me obviously.  That's a nice thing about being with new missionaries for most of your mission.  You get to see them all later. Elder Decilia was with old misisonaries most of his mission who are nearly all home.  Different views.

The Hourcade girls came to church! (Lionela and Yaqualin) Finally. They are our progressing investigators, those with whom we will be focusing to get baptised. We taught a mini word of wisdom lesson over a lunch appointment. The member aunt with whom they live started smoking again, and she had to eat a little crow for that. They are progressing well, reading, etc. Prayers would be welcomed. They really need the support from the aunt more than anything, because les cuesta entender. Sorry, I can't think of how to express that thought in english. I've been with latin comps for the past 5 tranfers! That's over 7 months, with 9 tranfers in all, over a year.
Ugh, spanish :D:D:D:D

The week was good overall.  The entire zone is having difficulties, and one of the zone leaders is kinda getting frustrated. It's odd when the ENTIRE zone is down.  Happens sometimes...

The week pased by like a blur, I honestly don't remember much of what happened.  I sent you guys a ton of pictures! We carried around a camera the other afternoon to grab some pictures of our area. You see, we are never there P-day because our house is so far away. Speaking of p-day, we slept, yes, slept for several hours. After I made a big pot of lemon chicken purlo.

Pictures of the castle, chapa houses (yay for references) green and pink houses, we're not sure where the got the sign, but it now forms part of their house (the old branch pres lived next door, probably helped) looking at a few pictures with our ward mission leader after a meeting we had last night, with the Hourcade girls, the bottle house (yes, wine and soda bottles form the entire house) our church building, the trees by the horse track that make the lion king theme pop in my head every day, and that should be it.

What can you do to help me? Well, I'm good for the last 2 weeks. I would like to go to the temple when I get back if that's at all possible, or go to temple square in SLC, ya know, we'll be right there after the airport.

But yeah, I am going to write Dad now. I love you Mom, thank you for the wonderful emails every week, I will see you soon!

Besos and abrasos from Argentina,
Elder Joshua Dueveau Wartena


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